MP: 101 bucket list

If you don’t know what a bucket list is, it is essentially the things I need/would like to do before I kick the bucket (that is, to die). Heh. Let’s hope I live enough years to see them through.

Updated – May 2017

1. Build a free entry Mamapumpkin home where children from all races, religion, age and background are loved and welcomed, fed and cared for……and then branches of that!!!

2. Ensure that my 2 daughters are independent, happy and able to stand tall on their own.

3. Ensure my important family members know how much I love them.

4. Get back to my original weight, seriously now……

5. Have a huge wedding anniversary party.

6. Take my girls to Paris to the top of the Eiffel Tower (done)

7. Take my girls skiing in the French Alps.

8. Learn to be a comedian.

9. Attend at least one world cup event with my family.

10. Go on an Alaskan cruise with the family to do some black whale watching.

11. Write a book, or two.

12. Make some scrap books for my grandchildren.

13. Learn to sew with a sewing machine.

14. Have 5 hours with Oprah Winfrey.

15. Sit on a jury (yeah, right. How I wish…..)

16. Adopt a child in name from another country.

17. Learn to play 20 good pieces on the piano by heart.

18. Get a super high-powered telescope (done)

19. Set up my own family traditions and follow them through year after year (done)

20. Start reading books again….(done, and in continuous progress)

21. Learn how to sing PROPERLY, well enough to perform.

22. Drive around every state in America.

23. Take my girls camping so we can sleep under the stars…..

24. Visit my good friend in Sweden (would be done in Dec 2017!)

25. Visit my good friend in New Zealand.

26. Visit my good friend in Brazil.

27. Try out driving a sports car.

28. Learn how to fly a plane.

29. Build my little dream house.

30. Get to know someone from every country.

31. Attend a Madonna concert. (done!)

32. Learn how to speak in public – Ack! (done)

33. Continue giving to charity anonymously (done, in continuous progress)

34. Visit Las Vegas WITHOUT kids.

35. Become a Reiki Master. (in progress)

36. Teach my girls how to fish.

37. Make yoga a part of my life. (done)

38. Complete my family trees. (done)

39. Attend the Academy Awards which Uncle Dave designs.

40. Be my girls’ best friend forever.

41. Get the Hubs 50 presents on his 50th birthday.

42. Get established as a Children’s Book Author.

43. Eat all the chocolate to my heart’s content for a month. (done many times over)

44. Get my girls to volunteer at an orphanage. (done)

45. Make an effort to get to know my 3 fathers better.

46. Visit the ice hotel with the girls.

47. Ensure the girls know that they will NOT be getting anything in my will, apart from maybe a roof over their heads if they are lucky. (done)

48. Inspire 20 weaker women and change their lives. (in progress)

49. Abolish child abuse (including children who get screamed at and hit by their parents).

50. Cook for 20 struggling Mothers. (in progress)

51. Start a TV programme.

52. Interview Richard Branson, Christiane Amanpour, Obama and Alicia Keys. Donald Trump

53. Watch Moulin Rouge live.

54. Swim in the dead sea.

55. Have a white Christmas with the girls. (done)

56. Christmas in New York one year with Uncle Dave.

57. Change (or at least facilitate) education in Malaysia.

58. Build a tree house.

59. Travel on the Eastern and Oriental Express with the girls.

60. Learn knitting, crochet and tatting from my mother. She’s gone now. RIP.

61. Finish 3 life sized paintings.

62. Pursue my photography hobby.

63. Visit Africa and go on a Safari.

64. Find my old friend from Sudan.

65. Build a snowman with my girls. (done)

66. Start dating my husband as soon as I can.

67. Bake gingerbread cookies and my Grandma’s pineapple tarts for everyone at Christmas.

68. Take a picture of each of my girls every day for 365 days.

69. Convert my blog into a book for the girls.

70. Learn how to make home-made soap.

71. Have sex with my husband in a public place. Hahaha. TMI.

72. Teach my mother how to be tech savvy. (done). RIP.

73. Start eating healthy with the family. (done, in continuous practice)

74. De-clutter my home and life! (in progress)

75. Start a Trust Fund for the Children of Myanmar.

76. Help my sisterhood soar to unbelievable heights that were once thought unimaginable.

77. Be extremely kind to my haters.








Wake up and stop dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. i was looking for ” an interview with lady gaga ” and ” diving with sharks “lol

    have a good day . love your thoughts


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