Money is not the root of all evil

This week has been a super busy week for me because I crazily committed to some work assignments despite being super busy already. As it stands, I have still not found my PA possibly because nobody dares or wants to… Continue Reading

Women and Financial Independence

My Mama always told me that a woman MUST have financial independence. Because when she divorced my Dad, she didn’t have a penny to her name. Not only that, he never gave her a cent thereafter for her divorce alimony.… Continue Reading


The Science of Molecular Hydrogen What is it? Why is it important? Should we care? Over the last few years, many of us would have come across references to the healing properties of Hydrogen – the science of molecular hydrogen.… Continue Reading

What the Government does not tell us about our food and drugs

If you have 1.5 hours to spare, actually, make that please force yourself to put 1.5 hours aside to watch this very important documentary about what we put into our bodies. If you care enough about your loved ones, make… Continue Reading

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