Bad sinuses causes brain damage

In my case anyway….

I’ve suffered from chronic sinusitis for 20 years. It isn’t pleasant.

It’s a case of wet tissue balls by my bedside every single night, by the dozens. It means having a tissue plug up my nose for the most of my blogging time because as much as I blow my nose out, it drips. Even when I sniff it back in, it drips uncontrollably like a leaking tap. Sometimes it flows down so fast that I don’t reach out for a tissue in time. My life is all about tissues. I should have bought Kleenex stocks way back.

Then the pain. Oh, the pain! My whole face aches, my eyes burn with acid, my throat is dry and rough and the whole trauma of it stresses the rest of my body out. It isn’t pleasant.

Someone once told me that her brother, who suffered from bad sinuses, eventually got himself checked thoroughly only to find that he had a tumour in his head. It was a ball of fluid that needed to be operated and he was out for months. His symptoms were exactly the same as mine – the left head throbbing. It is always in the exact same area. Sometimes, I even hear and feel fluid on the left side of my head jiggle about when I listen to my head banging music.

I tell myself it’s those ecstacy pills I’ve been taking. It must be.

Trouble with toddlers taking medicine

Tee has always been one of those rare weird kids who loves brocolli and spinach, and everything else green and leafy. She is also the strange child who drinks tomato juice, green tea and unsweetened ‘leong char’. And she LOVES medicine. Yes. While all our counterparts fight with their kids about meds, Tee gave it to us easy.

Till today.

When we left the Doctors, she had 5 meds to take. 1 for her nose irritation, 1 for her cough and cold, 1 antibiotic, 1 nasal spray and 1 chewable asthma prevention pill. Her Doctor never prescribes so much usually preferring to stay off the antibiotics but since we were travelling the day after, and since the weather is expected to be brrrrr…….cold………he advised we got her fixed as early as possible because the cold was only going to weaken her again. I agreed.

For point of reference, she has a nose infection from all that gold digging. So mothers, beware. It can be more serious than you think. She was running a 38.5 degree Celsius fever last night. I had to miss my gym this morning when she still had a fever.

Out of all the meds that she has taken in her almost 3 years of existence, it has been candy pop; but today’s antibiotics made me realise I had a raging bull with a will of iron and steel for a daughter. I knew she was extremely stubborn but I didn’t know just how extremely stubborn extremely stubborn she could be.

It was 2 adults against an almost 3 year old for 90 minutes. Mind you, my husband and I come from creative professions so coming up with ideas on how to get that God damned white rat poison down her throat shouldn’t have posed a problem. The kid fought to the very end and just REFUSED to swallow it. We tried everything from the very soft approach to bribing to threatening to negotiating to explaining to blackmailing to absolute screaming. She ended up crying and then spurtling her white goo on my bedroom floor. Because for all that time, she had been running all over the place like a headless chicken, from kitchen to bedroom to bathroom to study to bathroom to living room to kitchen……….protesting our radical political control. We have a lot of fun here. Honestly.

After wasting that bit of medicine, we had to do it all over again. So this time, I calmed her down first. And talked. And talked. And talked. And talked. While she kept shaking her head that she will absolutely NOT open her mouth to be killed.

The entire ordeal lasted 90 minutes. I. Kid. You. Not.

I looked at the Hubs and he looked at me exhaustedly with the same thought of how we were going to shove another 9 doses into that thing over the next week.


ps – you noticed how I always say almost 3 year old? That’s because I can’t bring myself to think that my baby is THREE YEARS OLD next month!!!

Tuesdays with Morrie

My ambition – to write a book: Everyday with Tee

Wouldn’t that be a Best Seller??? Hehe…..

Port Klang Best Seller maybe?


Now that it has been 2 weeks since I’ve finished the easy read, Tuesdays with Morrie, I don’t feel it THAT spectacular a book. Sure, it has all the nice, heartwarming bits and reminds folks what really is important in life; I even cried in one of the earlier chapters because it tugged on a string when reminded of death and how my mother is in fact slowly but surely….dying. And then how positive she is through it all.

Being the harsh critic that I am, I felt that the book was nothing new, so it wasn’t going to score 9 out of 10 with me. It is a wonderful story told, not a new story, in a timely manner when the world is so busy chasing material goods, fame, and being a somebody. The part I liked best was a quote that said something like….A teacher does not know how far he affects. It reminded me of all my life mentors that have molded me into who I am today.

To be honest, I found it hard finishing the last few chapters because it got a bit boring and predictable. I will still maintain though that it was a wonderful story……

Blogivitis is the best disease of all my ailments

I owe Health Freak Mommy a tag. I am the great procastinator. I’ve been sick. How can I work???

Hatchiuuuuu!!! Sniff….sniff……I need some tissues. God, damn it! I hate my nose. *wheeze*

Right. Where were we….?

My other ailments include asthma, which I’ve attacked with some steroid inhalers but now there is the HAZE!!! (for stimulating your brain, if you ever want to know the downright truth about the haze online, go here. It is a US based aeronautical guide that coordinates planes worldwide. If you see the word ‘haze’ under the column ‘Weather’, then stay indoors, close all your windows and invest in a fake lung. Everything else about the Air Pollution Index is rubbish. Especially since it’s Visit Malaysia Year *smile*).

Sorry about that. My mind is akin to horny teenage boys these days. Shooting away aimlessly….

I suffer from sinusitis but I kicked that too, with another steroid spray. My body aches from high cholesterol (the blood just isn’t circulating) so I am achy everywhere, especially at my ankles, knees and shoulders. The Hubs kneads me and practises his bread making skills every night as a Thank You for taking care of his precious daughter. I get headaches from the sun, from too much noise, from Tee’s existence. Ouch….pain……. I poison myself with Panadol Actifast. It works.

But Blogivitis…..I haven’t found a cure for that yet. I was diagnosed with it a few weeks ago with the following symptoms:-

  1. Tee tells me on a daily basis, “Mummy, shut down. No more emails. Talk to me, Mummy! I don’t want you to work anymore!!!” And on worse days, “MAAAMMMMEEEEE!!!!! NO COMPUTER!!!!, I DON’T LIKE YOUR COMPUTER!!!, I WANT YOU TO TALK TO ME!!!” And on better days, she tries reverse psychology and showers me with kisses and blows raspberries on my thighs. Then asks, “How can I make you happy, Mummy?”
  2. I have a tendency to talk to Tee or answer her many questions without facing her. It’s tough but yeah, my eyes are on the computer and my mouth is waffling some blurb. It’s really bad, actually. Because this is where she learns, “Mmm….” whenever we ask her a question! Sometimes she even attempts to twist my head with her two tiny hands, just so I’d look at her. Bad Mommy!
  3. I get withdrawal symptoms when I am out too long without my laptop. I start sweating profusely and an itch develops. After a few hours, the nausea sets in. And that’s when I know I have to beg borrow or steal to get to the nearest internet connection with a computer. Or I’d pass out.
  4. I lie on my tummy when I type. Not a good position. But I can’t find a more comfortable position seeing that I am short and my feet swing on any chair so sitting on a desk doesn’t work either. So much so that I have to see a Chiropractor for neck aches and back aches. Every week. Ouch! on the wallet.
  5. I spend a good many hours touching and caressing my dear laptop. I’m obsessed with it, and see it as the link to my fantasies and dreams. Honestly. Would I even move an inch closer without my laptop? No fucking way. It’s common sense….which I have a lot of. *wink*
  6. Apart from the time I spend to actually ‘care’ for Tee and tend to my own personal needs, I spend every other waking moment on the laptop. I have no friends. I don’t watch TV. I don’t make phone calls. I don’t even have sex.
  7. I survive on very little sleep just so I can have some form of breathing existence outside my life with Tee. I am perpetually zombified and edgy. And rely on a strong hot French Roasts!
  8. Although I have so much ‘other work’ to do so I can tick off my Task List, I blog instead. It’s like being an ostrich. I blog and blog and blog and hope that the ‘other work’ will just vanish into thin air when really, it is doing just the opposite piling up. Slowly….layer by layer.
  9. Man! This is hard! Maybe I’m not that sick!
  10. OK I give up. *shuts down*

Baby Vicks

A friend of mine introduced me to Baby Vicks. It comes with a pink cap and is made from strawberries (I think?). Anyway…

The Hubs has been coughing like he has TB (tubercolosis) and suddenly, all day yesterday, Tee started coughing.

Mummy went into panic mode.

Sick child I do not need.

I heard somewhere that to stop a cough, to put Vicks liberally on feet and cover with socks all night before bed. Tee HATES wearing socks to sleep. She even HATES wearing her jammy bottoms to sleep. Complains its too hot!

Psycho time. Made up a little story about strawberries and booties and cough monsters. Prayed hard.

Next day. Not a single cackle of a cough. Swear to God.

Go get your Baby Vicks. Now. Go!

I’m as sick as a dog…

After 3 weeks of having Tee’s school flu, I woke up this morning coughing out *shock, horror!* blood!

Oh dear, I thought to myself. Can’t avoid the Doctor anymore. I had a fever that I didn’t even feel but the Doctor told me I had one so I took her word for it. I’m all drugged out.

And guess what??? This Hong Kong break I’m supposed to be having? Well, it turns out my Mother doesn’t trust the Hubs to take care of Tee so insists on bringing them both along.

She said,”I KNOW this girl so well….She will be crying and crying all night long and she won’t get any sleep!!! She’s not ready to be left without you yet….”

So much for my breaking out of prison. Can you imagine the feeling? You have hope that there is chance for escape, you count down the days till you can actually smell some fresh air and then your escape buddy breaks it to you that you’ll be transferred to Alcatraz before freedom day.

OKAY. So now I have to search for baby friendly hotels in Hong Kong.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

My mother suggested the Shangri La or Conrad (Hilton Group) because she has stayed there before. We want somewhere with big enough rooms for a toddler to run around, a nice pool she can swim in with Daddy whilst the ladies go shopping and with decent food she can eat. A hotel with a playroom would be all the better.

The last time I went to Hong Kong was five years ago. I don’t even remember where I stayed! It was a business trip at a posh hotel. I wish I remembered!!!

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