Best Supplements for Children – Malaysia

I have actually never thought of giving my children any form of supplements prior to the discovery of Izumio and Super Lutein but since then, I have worked hard to research the best supplements for children available in Malaysia, and… Continue Reading

Disney’s Descendants

This morning, we headed off to our favourite breakfast place, Huckleberry at Damansara Heights and shit, it was FULL HOUSE!!! Darn it. I was so looking forward to showing the girl where Dada and Mama have breakfast every morning after… Continue Reading

Muzium Istana – Old Agong’s Palace in Kuala Lumpur

We visited the Muzium Istana this week which was the Old Agong’s Palace in Kuala Lumpur, not the current one opposite my home that cost 997 billion RM. The girls have been on school holiday hence my silence. Hurry up… Continue Reading

Preventing Early Morning Aggression in Children

Preventing early morning aggression in children will come in handy some day because there WILL be a day when your child wakes up all moody and make you feel like throwing them out the window. Worst still when you have… Continue Reading

Scheduling 2016

Believe it or not, I am already planning for 2016 when we haven’t even hit the final quarter yet my schedule for the rest of the year is fully booked. I kid you not! Life is so rich thanks to… Continue Reading

New Fantastic Discoveries!

We are well on our way towards the second half of the year and life just cannot get better. Can it? Some have accused me of forgetting them now that I have my little Izumio business up and running but… Continue Reading

The MMPK Weight Loss Reality

Uhuh. It’s called the MMPK Weight Loss Reality. Let me tell you a little about my body history. I was born skinny. So skinny I was mistaken as a Giant’s pencil. Wait. I was like T2!!! Just blow a whiff of… Continue Reading

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