Adventure Holiday with Mamapumpkin and Family

2016 was busy and rough. Too many changes. Somewhere along the line with me running so many projects and the Hubs tying up all his loose ends before he retires from full time employment, we both got busy and overlooked… Continue Reading

Accommodation in Japan

Whilst searching for accommodation in Japan, I almost went mad. Everything is fully booked over Christmas, I kid you not!!! Thankfully, this time round, the accommodation in Japan was organised by the wonderful staff of Naturally Plus. ************************************************************************** Who is… Continue Reading

Naturally Plus Business – A life saving mission!

The Naturally Plus Business is a fantastic business that works around a noble cause, it saves lives. Literally. I have been doing it for 9 months and have earned close to a hundred thousand from it. Just by face booking… Continue Reading

My trip to Kota Kinabalu

Last weekend, my business partners and I (well, my friends really….Just trying to make it sound more professional and failing miserably….) flew to KK on a whirlwind mission and a damn successful one it was! We had invited everyone we… Continue Reading

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