The Formula for Success

The Formula for Success It’s so simple yet not everyone gets it because there is always one part of the equation that gets left out either intentionally or mistakenly. I am grateful for having successful mentors around me since I… Continue Reading

What are Carotenoids?

What are Carotenoids? Carotenoids are the pigmentation of fruit and vegetables in a natural liquid state. Try smashing a strawberry up on a white chopping board and you will see some red stains. THAT is the carotenoid of the strawberry.… Continue Reading

Adventure Holiday with Mamapumpkin and Family

2016 was busy and rough. Too many changes. Somewhere along the line with me running so many projects and the Hubs tying up all his loose ends before he retires from full time employment, we both got busy and overlooked… Continue Reading

MLM – Multi-Level Marketing in Malaysia

Before 2014, I will tell you frankly that I looked down on MLM peeps. Why? Because I had several bad experiences with these MLM wankers. One conned me into attending a rally that completely freaked me out (AMWAY) and another… Continue Reading

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