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I’m just a simple girl.

Once upon a time, I was an ambitious young career girl who had a mission to be seated at the end of a boardroom table filled with men in suits, myself in a designer suit, Max Mara to be exact, with Ferragamo courts making the decisions, commanding the men. Having done well enough at school coupled with growing up in a rainbow environment made that task super easy. That mission was accomplished several times over until my Mother got diagnosed with cancer. I quit my job to have a baby and never looked back because I fell in love with the baby.

She was T1.

Moving from the corporate boardroom to being a Stay At Home Mom was a big eye opener. Pregnancy itself was lonely and lousy, filled with vomit and terribly awful. But having T1 transformed me into the most dedicated Stay At Home Mom whilst still volunteering my efforts at various organisations such as the IBU family resource group just to stay sane. I loved my daughter so much that I dedicated my entire life to nurturing her with lots of love and fun filled activities together. But by 6pm every day, I was calling my husband in despair, tapping my fingers, frazzled with electrified hair. I had no help at home and T1 was an energetic, lively and boisterous little girl. Being a Stay At Home Mom is not easy. You have a baby/toddler to talk to every day and not much adult interaction and back in those days, online support was scarce. There was no Facebook. And none of my friends had kids then.

After 5 years, the guilt from others made me try for Number 2. Despite the terrifying earlier pregnancy which turned me off pregnancy for life, they said every pregnancy was different. After much persuassion, I gave in and tried until I wanted to give up because T2 was just not happening. Having sex un-spontaneously every month on the dot was becoming a chore. But some good advice from a Chinese Sinseh with a minor change of diet for a month made T2 happen. Bless him. But the pregnancy was just as bad. Different but still very bad. *cries*

When T2 was 2 years old, a job found me that allowed me to work from home and I decided that it was time to test out my skills in the market again. I had spent long enough time being the maid, chauffeur, cleaner, Mom, chef, nurse, entertainer, etc and was getting restless so I finally hired my first maid ever and a wonderful British Nanny to care for T2 at home.

3 ladies and a toddler at home. Really???

In 2014, my Mother in Law passed away suddenly from a heart stop and my own Mother lost a 14 year battle to cancer. I myself was diagnosed with 2 leaking heart valves (aortal and mitral) and was told that the lack of oxygen in my blood could cause me to die in my sleep. I also have cancer. I no longer take life for granted. That same year, I was also homeschooling my 2 girls.

I look forward to the future with hope and great beginnings in believing that the world can all be good if we just started looking within and started doing one good deed every single day. Make another person smile and another heart sing. Shower the children with lots of love and bring laughter into the souls of everyone present. Spread the seeds of love. It is so easy no matter where you come from and if you do not know how, I will show you.

The reason I started this blog was because I needed an outlet to scream as a bored and frustrated Stay At Home Mom over 10 years ago. It also served as a journal of my life with a kid then. Over the years, I have realised that the blog has evolved beautifully as even my writing style has changed in tone. It is a memoir of my girls lives and when they read back to times when they were little, they are overjoyed. It reminds me too of all the little things we used to do as a family and sends many awwwwww moments with reinforced positive memories to show us just how far we have come.

Before I got married, life with my high society parents was all about hobnobbing with pretentious, affluent and the insecure ‘elite’. It was all about names, titles and brands. We used to have a yacht. As I observed as a silent child bystander, the truly rich were the most humble and the nicest people of all amongst the rich. My mother had shown me that I was to treat the very rich exactly the same as the very poor and so I did, and my girls are imparted these very same values. I now know no more royalty or Tan Sri or Lord. I don’t even give a shit who anyone is or what they did, only if they had a kind heart.

In 2012, we started a journey with the Children of Myanmar and pledged to be their backbone till they all grew up to be able beings in self sustenance. It has been the greatest journey of our lives. You can read all about them here on this blog if you do a SEARCH at the top right hand search box and type in CHILDREN OF MYANMAR. God has always been kind to me and my family. It is a given that I should be kind back to the rest of the world who needs this same kindness. I have already been overly blessed.

From a rainbow childhood into a simple girl.

I’m really just a simple girl.


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  1. Hi Patsy, you’re doing great in life. How’re you coping with the heart condition? Any better?

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