MP: 101 Facts

    As of 27 January 2015:
  1. I was born in Singapore but I am NOT a citizen of Singapore.
  2. Many people wanted to adopt me but my mother chose to keep me.
  3. My youngest memory was when I was 3 years old.
  4. I used to have a photographic memory.
  5. I was always liked by my teachers at school.
  6. I used to bite my younger brother when he was crawling.
  7. I even chased him round the house with a meat cleaver.
  8. I was first kissed by a boy at 5. His name was Christopher.
  9. I had my 1st French kiss at 12 – forced entry! His name is now Chris. What’s up with me and all these C guys!
  10. I was a school athlete (100m, 200m, 4×100m, high-jump, long-jump)
  11. I was a national swimmer (for 1 event only) at 14 and trained with Nurul Huda.
  12. I learnt to smoke Marlboro Reds at 14. Her name was An-An and she was from UWC.
  13. And many more things happened when I was 14…..
  14. I snuck out my first car when I was 16. I did that for a whole year.
  15. I snuck out as well obviously….after watching Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
  16. I ran through a glass door at super speed when I was 10.
  17. As a result I have scars from 30 stitches all over my body.
  18. I had feet operation when I was 14 which left me in crutches for a whole month.
  19. I wanted to be a Doctor but the idea of mugging for 7 years turned me off.
  20. I found out too late that Architecture took 7 years as well!
  21. I used to read mystery books as a teenager, never romance.
  22. But I can be romantic as hell…..
  23. I am an independant loner comfortable in my own skin.
  24. I used to suffer from hemaphlegic migraines where half my body would get numb.
  25. I suffer from asthma and sinusitis too. Plus mild eczema and smelly fart (Ok, I’m kidding).
  26. I am terrified of needles and reptiles of any sort. I swear to God.
  27. I can heck beetles and cockroaches (i.e. I won’t freak out)
  28. I have completed Pianoforte Grade 8 and used to teach for extra cash.
  29. I have travelled thousands of metres underground to the salt mines in Poland.
  30. I have been to the Auschwitz concentration camps where people were gassed to death.
  31. And also to the studios where Steven Spielberg filmed Schindler’s List.
  32. I have sailed a yacht (mono-hull and catamaran) and sailed where no land was in sight.
  33. I am good at roller skating, rollerblading and ice skating. OK, I used to be.
  34. I was an amateur gymnast at 14 and wanted to be the next Nadia Comaneci.
  35. I have very thin hair and am almost balding now. Help!
  36. I have a lot of cellulite. Genetic.
  37. The power in my right eye is double that of my left eye and it’s bloody annoying.
  38. I love cake and chocolate. The more fattening the better.
  39. I don’t like fizzy drinks. They make me burp. BUU……RRRRP! (excuse me)
  40. I love to read. I love to read. I love to read.
  41. I hate waiting for people to get out of their parking spots, who then do not tell you that they actually aren’t leaving. God, I so want to ram into their cars when that happens!
  42. Some friends have decided not to be my friend anymore. That makes me sad but at least I know now that it wasn’t my problem.
  43. A good friend of mine jumped off 22 floors. I still want her to come back.
  44. I used to have a lingerie collection when I first started having sex.
  45. I have been told I can be very charming….
  46. I was in every school play with a lead role. Trial by Jury, A Midsummer Night’s Dream….too many to list.
  47. I look down on dishonesty and get irritated by people who beat around the bush.
  48. I am too direct for my own good and that usually gets me into some trouble.
  49. I took 7 months off to design a perfect wedding at minimal cost.
  50. We had our Honeymoon in Paris. It was my 2nd time there and I still loved the air.
  51. I used to live with a French girl in San Francisco who’d walk around naked in the summer.
  52. I wore bra and shorts during the heat wave in England. I couldn’t do nudity.
  53. I have had an uncle who is a local celebrity.
  54. My childhood girlfriend is also a local celebrity.
  55. I love cooking and baking. Feeding happy tummies make me happy.
  56. I ran away from home once for a week at 16 and lived on the streets.
  57. I’m dreaming right now of a solid Fiat Coupe turbo Mercedes Sports S-class.
  58. I have 2 younger brothers. They both love me very much.
  59. I studied in London for 7 years. I was in London for 7 years with the intention to study.
  60. My Uni-Classmate designed Sarah Jessica Parker’s loft in NYC. How cool is that?
  61. I missed a 1 month trip to India because I was too in love with my then boyfriend. Altogether now – Stoooooooopid!
  62. I was initially going to get married on a hilltop church in Montorfano beside Lake Como, Italy.
  63. I dumped the boy when he was doing his final year exams in Dentistry. Heartless bitch I am.
  64. My friend, who is now a Doctor, married him instead. Bless her. I wish them everlasting happiness.
  65. I can say with conviction that the happiest day of my life really was the day T1 was born.
  66. My wedding comes a close second. Thanks to me.
  67. I was attracted to my husband because he pissed me off in a big way when we first met and I wanted to get back at him for pissing me off.
  68. I was once rich enough to give away thousand dollar ang pows.
  69. I now wish someone would give me thousand dollar ang pows.
  70. I am generous to a fault and love buying presents for people. But I no longer do.
  71. I fell on my back when I was at the Outward Bound School and never recovered.
  72. I am too lazy to put on make-up preferring to believe I am naturally beautiful. Haha.
  73. I dress like a maid but make an effort some days.
  74. I have retired from roller-coasters. My heart can’t take it anymore since 25 years ago.
  75. I once had a fetish with sunflowers. I’d collect everything sunflowery……
  76. I love staying at posh hotels with my design background. If only I had the money.
  77. I hate hospitals. Period.
  78. The first car I drove was a Volvo tank and I needed 2 cushions as props to reach the pedals.
  79. I tried scuba diving but being asthmatic, it freaked me out so I snorkel instead.
  80. I love spas and massages……my husband doesn’t.
  81. I get bored easily (think impatient) and need humour to live.
  82. I’ve studied French and Italian in Europe but no promises now. Je ne sais pas.
  83. I have a passion for children’s charities. Ever since, I’d spend time with the disadvantaged.
  84. I once went to Church everyday and got infatuated with a Priest.
  85. I was at high risk for cancer, diabetes and stroke and then got diagnosed with an aortal heart regurgitation and colon issues in 2014. I now heal naturally and practise yoga daily.
  86. I can’t stand incorrect grammar in the corporate world. Make an effort, people, or don’t expect to win my contract.
  87. I’ve had 3 miscarriages. The first was traumatising as my husband couldn’t be by my side.
  88. I’ve climbed Gunung Tahan. No intentions of doing Mount Kinabalu.
  89. I used to wish my Mother-In-Law adored me more than she did. She’s gone now. RIP.
  90. I cannot sleep without a blanket, no matter how hot it is.
  91. I used to love pink. I hate it now. But still invariably have lots of pink – urgh!
  92. I love expensive shoes – linked to my passion for good design and quality.
  93. I have slapped 3 people in my life. They were all men of the past. LOL!!
  94. I have never had an abortion but have accompanied someone for one.
  95. I have a lot of love to give. Even to my haters. Yes, I have them.
  96. I was a Madonna fan. I’ve grown up since then. I like Alicia Keys now.
  97. I wish I was 45kg again. Really. 34-24-36 back to the good old days.
  98. I have nice and neat handwriting but can’t draw for peanuts.
  99. My IQ is 146 (last tested) – could be 88 now.
  100. I am quite a hard person to penetrate.
  101. My husband and daughters vouch that I am the greatest Mom on this planet 🙂

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