Why Malaysia Airlines won’t have my vote for Economy

Why Malaysia Airlines won’t have my vote for Economy is because they gave me such an unpleasant experience when I flew to London this month. We decided to fly Economy to save money this month because we have gone to Niseko, have Australia and Scandinavia booked for a month later, and on top of that have all our other smaller travel plans like to Pattaya, Jakarta and so on. Save money!! Bad move. 

Despite being born in Singapore, I am a patriotic Malaysian. I have always been and supporting the National Carrier has always been a priority never mind what everyone else says. Hey, my own Uncle was a flight Engineer for MAS for the longest time and he himself has told us the horror stories back in the day. Not just him but many other MAS employees and airport syndicates, and I still use MAS because it is convenient. 

We have been flying Business since I made some money with but with this impromptu London trip, I decided not to do Business because we were already doing Business for Australia and Scandinavia and did Business for Niseko, plus perhaps due to a last minute booking, Business for the 3 of us to London would have cost RM75,000. One adult with two kids and the Hubs wasn’t even with us to enjoy it. We’ll wing it, I decided and now I regret. 

I am traveling alone with 2 girls one of which is a 7 year old child who is for a better word, a child. Watching movies on the plane is her highlight and at Economy, the screen is not flexible enough to bend to her height so she needs to kneel on the seat to be able to watch a movie. Kneeling for 2 hours is tiring. I asked for some extra pillows so I could prop her high and perhaps she could then have a chance of watching her favourite movie. They gave me one extra pillow. We tried it and it wasn’t high enough so I asked for another and the steward said, sorry that is the only extra pillow I have. I did not believe it for a second and true enough, there were several empty seats that had unused pillows, there were more than a dozen actually. 

Then my little Missy needed the washroom. They were occupied for the longest time and the queues were piling up. Not being able to stand a whining child who needed to pee, I brought her to the front to the Business washrooms where there were exactly TWO occupants in the ENTIRE Business section. And by the time we returned, mind you we left the washroom super clean as is and even folded the toilet paper back to it’s hotel V style, a resting bitch faced stewardess marched up to me and said, “Mam, your toilets are at the back,” and gave me the most obvious mata jeling before walking off. Wow. If I didn’t have my kids with me, I would have called her back to explain herself. Make a scene, I don’t care. Nobody wins when I argue with my words. 

That aside, raised voices were heard as cabin crew fought with one of the passengers and when we pinged them to ask for some water, the same rude air stewardess came and asked rudely what we wanted. It was all in the tone. Now one rude crew is bad enough but I noticed that exactly 4 were rude and really not befitting the original courteous MAS crew that Malaysia was so famously known for.  

With that, I have decided that not only will we no longer fly Air Asia but we will also not fly Malaysia Airlines on Economy. We are sure running out of airlines to fly, aren’t we! It is not hard to be kind, really. The child needed a washroom. How difficult is it to have a bit of empathy? I guess Malaysia Airlines would lose out on 8 Business class tickets alone this year. Too bad about Niseko because we already did that on MAS. But we intend to fly many more years of travel to see the world once the Hubs has stopped his work and the more people are unkind, the more they will lose out on business. Perhaps they don’t care. That is OK. I am certainly not putting my money where I am not appreciated. 

Besides, do they even maintain their planes? Did you hear about the time when my wheelchair friend was left behind on a MAS flight for over an hour? Malaysia BOLEH.

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