Why I Love London

After seeing a friend visit London, my heart ached for London and within 2 days, we were off to London. London is where my soul grew. It is home for me just like KL is home for me too. It is like London was my life pre-kids and Malaysia is my life post-kids. Both extremely important. 

I love London for it’s people. Generally, people are intelligent, accommodating, broad minded, worldly, intellectual, and well, people think. After being in business in Malaysia this last 2 years, Malaysian mentality leaves much to be desired and I feel my brain rotting in Malaysia. I feel sorry for my kids that they are surrounded by less than mediocre peers although they are just children so I shouldn’t judge. But when T1 has peers who swear and talk foolishly, it just makes me feel that the quality of classmates that she has is just so poor. Yet after talking to friends in London about their own schooling issues, London has it’s own problems too with drugs and sex at this age. Sigh. 

I love London for her rich culture of the performing arts, the many places to visit and things to do, the beautiful parks that we could just run around in and do nothing on grass, blue skies, red buses and. London Underground that zips you to wherever you needed to go, London has a system. Malaysia does not. London has every nationality in it, talents from all over the world, it is world class. Malaysia is not. London has a police force that cares and does it’s job. Although London has it’s fair share of crime and crazies, Malaysia has it’s crime too. All this unhappiness with Muslims is politically engineered. It makes me sick. We should all just love and give and slowly the world will get better and better. Someone has to make that first step. I want a better world for my children which is why I do what I do. But of late, Malaysia is almost pushing me to leave. I want to move to London. Yet I do not want to. What shall I do??? 

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