The Rocket Launch of T2

I am so amazingly blessed with these 2 girls of mine that I really do not know what I have done to deserve them. Last week at the park in London, T2 suddenly asked me if we could go back to the hotel. Not such a big problem since the hotel was just across the road from Kensington Gardens but I was in the middle of my tea and I disliked being interrupted. The worse thing is to have to rush through a nice hot cuppa tea, know what I mean?! I told her to wait till I finished and not to rush me. After what was less than a minute, she asked me again if we could go back to the hotel. Yes, of course we can but please wait. Then she asked what time we could go back to the hotel and I almost lost it until she said she needed to poo. 


So we packed up and headed across the road back to the Hilton Hyde Park and the moment I opened the room door, she rushed into the bathroom and said, “10….9……8……7…… rocket is about to launch now……..6……”

At that moment, my elder girl, T1 rushed into the bathroom, something she would never have done before for fear of smelling T2’s poo, and said to me laughing, “I want to see if her poo rocket really comes out at the time it’s supposed to come out!!! LOL”

There I was rolling my eyeballs because something so serious a minute ago became so hilarious and within seconds I heard big girl T1 screaming out to me, “The rocket poo is delayed, she said she had some technical difficulties!!! T2 said maybe another 20 seconds, Ma!!!”

OK, I admit. I found that damn funny.

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