Setting An Intention

Many years ago, I believed that I had lived. My best mate and I in a prostitute’s den amidst frozen cold Poland, discussed life as it were. Whilst the rest of the gang were partying from our architectural field trip, I chose to accompany her alone in her room because she was sick. Sam suffered from lupus and could not eat or drink freely, nor have late nights with any stress. Upon the onset of stress, she would flare up and her cheeks and hands would break out in a painful rash and her entire body would go into spasmodic aches. My heart used to break every time she had a flare up that she could barely control because let’s face it, stress is one of the most difficult things to control. 

Fast forward 25 years after caring for many adults, not much has changed. I still feel I have lived. I have seen so much and dissected so many ideas and philosophies that truly nothing surprised me. There was not much that the brain could not handle and in order to complete my life, all I had to do was to see my girls through their life education and travel a bit more to where I have not. I am free to do anything now so this path is meant to be! Until I was hit with a warning to watch my food. Oh dear. Like for real? Can I have a cheat day? No? Are you serious? But……

And this is how my new life has begun. 

By setting an intention. I am approaching the half millennium mark, no longer a spring chicken as my beloved husband ALWAYS reminds me. He is soon to give me his 500% undivided attention and I cannot wait because it has been so long that I have not had him to myself all day every day although he thinks I would boot him out the month after he is home for a month. I love him. Why should I? 

By setting an intention, one can have a purpose and a guiding light. I certainly know mine. Do you? Light a fragrance whilst you pray for the world and inhale the energy to release your intention. All will be well. 

I love you 2017.

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