Rolling Pin from London

Apart from the thermometer hunt, we also had to hunt for rolling pins because the Hubs sent us for a rolling pin hunt. Isn’t it quite weird for a husband to send a wife to go buy a rolling pin? Well, it is because he makes th tortilla wraps for our Mexican dishes at home from scratch and we do not have a proper rolling pin. Timber rolling pins give us the creeps because of the grain that hides bacteria and gets moldy so he wanted me to search for a metal or good plastic one in London. We went everywhere and we could not find a bloody rolling pin! We saw online that some places had marble rolling pins but the thought of carrying back marble put me off. 

One day at Sainsbury’s, the girls were so tired looking for rolling pins that T1 said, hey Mom, why don’t we just get this toilet brush holder for daddy and he could use the jar as his rolling pin. It was round and it did looked like it could work but a toilet brush holder????? LOL. I told the Hubs and he said, “OK, just make sure she knows that her Tortillas are being made with a toilet brush holder, ya?”

And then T1 had a spotlight moment and remembered seeing baking stuff at Spotlight at Ikano. Let’s send Daddy there, she requested. And so we are flying back from London sans rolling pin. 

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