London 2017

And so we went. Packed our bags and went. Contacted the school to pardon my big girl from her annual production rehearsals and flew for our girly time, just the 3 of us. 

It was the most glorious thing. We had 10 full days in London rolling around in parks, visiting all the kid friendly tourist sites, sometimes 3 in a day, can you believe it? And we learnt all about the transportation system in London and met up with several friends, played slime, did cartwheels, read books, ate apple pies, actually we bought over a dozen books oh my goodness, we are crazy!!! To the point we had a problem bringing home luggage but the Hilton staff were ever so gracious in finding us a box and tape and even got us some string to tie up our box labelled FRAGILE but full of dirty laundry. I didn’t want to risk the books in a box so placed them in a suitcase instead. We bought so much stuff from Paperchase as well. We are crazy. But the stuff are so irresistible there and it reminds me of my architectural escapades when Paperchase was walking distance to my halls of residence, good ol’ Gower Street. I love UCL. Weight wasn’t a problem since we flew Business. The MH staff took very good care of us. T2 was the youngest Business traveller and although there were easily 30 Business seats, majority were businessmen and perhaps 2-3 women. What the hell? The gentlemen behind me were Doctors so I had a great time. The gentleman beside T1 was so curious about her life asking her loads of questions. And everyone was rather tickled with little T2 because her size was just so wrong on a Business seat. There is just no turning back after you start flying Business everywhere. It is expensive but so worth it. Recently, the company asked if I wanted to fly Business to our next holiday destination to Club Med Phuket and I politely declined. I also fly to Jakarta in 10 days with some Business Partners and will not go on Business just to be with them. These are the rare exceptions that I would forego Business and quite honestly, I do it for my back and my bum. The pain it saves me translates into cash for medical. So there. 

The Wifi at the Hilton really sucked in London so I paid for my own Malaysian data instead for the entire trip. It made sense too since we were out and about daily having so much fun. And thank you, God, we did not fall sick nor had any accidents except for a small one where T2 got her shoe stuck in an escalator. I completely freaked. All is good. 

We laughed, we ate great food, we had SO MUCH FUN, we watched musicals, we partied, we met new people, we ran in the park, we took loads of photos, it was perfect. The Hubs asked if we still wanted to do London again in December and I immediately said YES.

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