Kota Bharu, missing Ama…..

We are back in Kota Bharu after a year hiatus due to some KB drama over the year and this time we actually drove back because the Hubs feels I have been giving way too much money away frivolously. He refused to pay RM2,000 for our flights back and the next day, I paid a few thousand for a beach holiday. Oops. We seriously don’t need so much money right? I have bought several packages for a few people this January and gave a few thousand away for Christmas and budgeted another few thousand for CNY. It’s only money. And then I lost RM20,000 – freak! Due to human error. What can I say, I’m just not that good with handling money which is why the Hubs has taken it upon himself to resign this year so he can take over the purse strings. I am also looking forward to him being home with his main driver to care for me. I feel the love yo!

The drive to KB was perfect and unsuspected. I was dreading traffic jams, accidents and rain yet it was smooth all the way with zero jam and zero drama! Like, really?!??? Really!!!! In this instance, I cannot help but think Ama and Nana were watching down on us to ensure we had a super pain free drive. Even the kids were happy being 9 hours in the car! Very strange….

We had great music playing, great food that the Hubs had prepared, ice cooler boxes filled with A&W root beer, snacks and we laughed all the way. Perfect. 

Kong2 was super happy to see his grandkids but things just aren’t the same anymore. I miss Ama. The huge house just isn’t the same without her presence as she filled the house with so much soul. All the Chinese New Year goodies are now non-existent. The cooking by the maid sucks because she uses tons of oil despite countless reminders that oil will kill us. The laughter that Ama brings to the family is somewhat missing because we no longer know what to say to Kong2. He is a man.

The kids have enjoyed their daily all day cycling until they have turned black from sunshine. T2 fell twice yesterday and she is just so funny and cute when she’s pissed and blames the whole world for her falls and T1 is super funny as well making her sarky comments like “…..uh-oh, we need to call the ambulance because T2 has fallen off her bike”

We will go for a short beach holiday on our drive back at the bungalow villa at Tanjong Jara which will be really nice because the kids !have been wanting to see this outdoor bathtub that we took pictures in before we got married. Heh. Finally. It will be reminiscense of our premarital days versus invading the villa now with kids! It’s not even meant for kids but I managed to convince them to allow my kids. 

And then in 2 weeks, we are off to ski again. It will be a good break off my phone whilst I let my Captains run my ship! I hope they surprise me big time!!!

That’s January gone already in a blink. Thank you, Universe, for all my blessings. 

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