Girly Trip – Quality Time

The most amazing thing happened 3 days ago. I suddenly felt like going to London because London holds so many memories that are close to my heart. It is my home away from home and the city that gave me my strength and grit to be successful in this world today.

On impulse, I told the Hubs that I wanted to go to London, even if just for a weekend. I wanted to see my friends. I wanted to walk London. I wanted my safe Haven. And then I realised it was the school holidays this week so I thought well, why not just bring my girls along with me? As the Hubs is about to retire and have his last day from employment ever on 30 April, there was just no way he could take time off to come with us. There is just so much to handover and I understood. We had already planned to visit London during our Northern Lights leg this Christmas but since I needed London now now now, in 2 days, I have planned our entire 2 week holiday in London without the Hubs.

It will be a fabulous time, just me and my girls, doing all the fun kiddy stuff, and I get to catch up with all my friends one by one, some whom I have not seen for over 20 years; so I am really looking forward to tomorrow where weather will drop by 20 degrees Celsius.

We are almost packed and are staying at the London Hilton with a view of Hyde Park. How awesome is that? I never imagined that I would be able to stay at a decent hotel in London ever and I never really had to because we have so many friends there that we could stay with. But this time, since it was 2 weeks, I didn’t want to impose on anyone even though I am very sure they would love having us the entire time. So we booked a hotel and can you imagine my spoilt princesses living out of a Bed and Breakfast? No. T1 is already determined to earn her own take as she has seen the high life and works her ass off to get great grades at school. T2 doesn’t understand so much yet but I am sure she will catch on, or perhaps she will find a fast track route and marry a millionaire instead LOL. I would certainly brainwash her into knowing that a man’s heart is worth much more than all the millions in the world.

We have drawn out an itinerary for London and researched all the places that we want to visit but more importantly, it is a time for me to enjoy my girls with no distractions AT ALL. We are so close, me and my girls, that I just know that we will have a smashing time.


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