Day Two in Yangon – Trip 2

A repost from 3 March 2013 :

Bright and early the next day but thank God not at 3am, we headed out for our work immediately after a 7.30am breakfast. T1 was only too pleased to be pushed up her favourite Myanmar truck…..


Another full day ahead, we brought out the boxes that we’d brought from Malaysia to deliver to the Children of Myanmar. In it were some clothes and LOTS of stationery and art supplies, sand art, girlie accessories, brand new underwear, and more stationery! Thank you all who donated to this cause!


The MAD team, all bright and cheery….


First stop. Here. Sacks filled with soil as steps.


To buy rice for the Nanoo Monastery – 10 bags.


Here, T1 and I learnt the Myanmar numbers in Myanmar writing. Our posh rice is their cheap rice, can you believe it?


The money from donations being used for rice. Gosh, after one day in the heat and I’m all tanned already. Next trip – lots of sunblock and a hat!


We bought 10 bags of rice, a few boxes of noodles, boxes of canned food and boxes of soap.


Store lady packing in the canned food…..


Once we arrived at the Monastery, the bigger boys all stood in a row ready to help carry the 25kg bags of rice into their home. I cannot even PUSH a 25kg bag of rice so I really wonder how these boys get by so strong without much protein at all.


After unloading the rice, it was time to unload the boxes….


It broke my heart that the stairway to the floor they sleep on now has a big hole! Soon, the stairs would just COLLAPSE!!!


We offered the money to them for fixing the floor above where the kids sleep.


This is the floor which has really deteriorated since our last trip. Shit, I didn’t even dare go into that area knowing how heavy I was. I could have just gone right DOWN to the floor below. Bad trips, man….the floor was all RICKETY!!!


The alms that the monks had collected were all purely rice. On the odd ocassion, there was something other than rice. But mostly rice.


And I know this because I walked around every single pot there was on that floor and it was mostly all rice. 99% all rice. That is what they eat everyday. Rice. Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner.


I managed to catch the chef in the kitchen cooking some leftover meat that they had. 4 tiffing carriers of meat (as shown) to feed 230 kids. Who do you think gets the meat, you think?


Thankfully, there was a huge pot of vegetable soup for the kids to eat with their rice……


Whilst lunch was being heated up, I got down to business…..What the hell do you think I am doing???


Having a bloody workout with the kids that completely flushed me, that’s what!

The smiles made it ALL WORTH WHILE!!!


We committed to the kids that we loved them and that we had plans for them. We asked them to apply for scholarship with us in English. Submissions to come in by the end of April. This means they have a whole month to work on an English proposal. You could see on their faces that they really wanted to do this, yet the challenge of writing a proposal in English daunted them, but Eileen said she’d be there as usual, to help them with this. Bless her amazing heart.

After proposal submissions, depending on how much funds we can raise, we will send a few of these boys to pursue their dreams. We will start with extra English classes or whatever……we’ll see what their dreams are first.


And after all that inspiring work, we almost left Eileen behind…..Quick, Eileen!!!


Since the White Pagoda was nearby the monastery, we decided to make a 5 minute stop.


The White Pagoda under renovation.


After the White Pagoda stop, we headed off to buy rice and supplies for the Hosanna Home. Again 10 bags. It lasts them a month.


T1 was reunited with her friends again……the same girls whom she exchanged addresses with 4 months ago, the same girls whom she loved so dearly……I love them too.


T1 getting fanned by her Myanmar friends whilst she sat and watched TV with them whilst the adults chatted. Can you believe it? It was just so kind of them to fan her as it was really hot – 39 degrees Celsius, yo!


After spending some time with them, we headed back. This is Sam, a representative of Friends of the Children of Myanmar, a British NGO.


T1 was pooped after another long day out in scorching heat.


Our day was far from over though! After sending the MAD bosses home, we went to Church as it was Palm Sunday! I never do Church in KL (for fear of God seeing too many sins) but since I was in Myanmar and since one of the MAD team was going, we decided to follow him. It was a service in Myanmar language. Duh.


What a day of reflection it was for this little girl.


If there is one random act of kindness that you would like to offer this month, please give some assistance to the Children of Myanmar. I am committed to building their lives till they can sustain themselves. Please help me help them.

Update 2017 – this job is now completed.


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