Chinese New Year Ang Pows

I am slightly annoyed this week on the subject of Ang Pows. My parents, wait, let me qualify…….my MOM and my in-laws have been always generous with Ang Pows throughout my entire life. At the very minimum that my Mom ever gave us a long, long time ago when we were still kids was RM100 and this slowly increased over the years. My in-laws however gave us RM1,000 each year. Oh, wait. Let me qualify that again. My MOTHER-in-law gave us RM1,000 every year. And then she would give us another RM1,000 for our birthdays. So you can imagine, just T1 alone has accumulated quite a bit until both her Grandmas passed away and then suddenly no more Ang Pows LOL. Because men just do not know how to deal with these things…….

To me, Ang Pows are just a way of giving blessings and wishing someone well so the amount in the Ang Pows should not matter at all. Having said that, I personally love giving away more because I know it makes people happy. Especially the kids! And all my single friends! And all the service staff who deserve a little reward, the Ang Pow is a pleasant surprise, don’t you think? In the last few years, I have always given the Hubs a budget of about RM5-8k but this particular year, I was too busy despite him asking me several times how much I needed. Before I knew it, CNY was here and he had withdrawn the usual figure for the Ang Pows but because I am now wealthier, I have been giving away more as well. I gave some single friends RM500 (which one said would be her Ang Pow for several years LOL), my housekeeper RM200 (because I already gave her RM4,000 for Christmas!), the regular service providers all got RM200 and whoosh! My Ang Pow money finished. So I asked the Hubs for more because I would be seeing my friends this week but suddenly he said no, stick to the budget. Huh???? What budget??? Apparently, that was the budget allocated for Ang Pows. WTF.

But how can I not give my friends Ang Pows, right????? Malu-nya……and I was having several CNY get-togethers this week too. So instead of fighting with him for more Ang Pow budget, my team of ladies voted that I just used my own money for it. Oh well. I have downgraded the Ang Pows now LOL. He just stole my JOY in giving. Urgh. I always tell him, don’t worry. Just give!!! We will be OK!!! But perhaps he is nervous since he will be resigning from his full time job soon to be my driver and babysitter. Plus we are off on holiday again in 10+ days so men being men…….always very calculative and conservative.

So that is my Ang Pow story. I would love for the day when I could give out RM2,000 Ang Pows to a dozen people who surround me with their love. Soon. Soon.

The funny thing is people think I get it back from my kids but actually they hardly get any because they hardly meet anyone. In any case, what we give is much more than what they get and that’s OK. We are not comparing. I have my reasons to give and I don’t expect my kids to get anything. They have enough. I have so many plans to give but the Hubs always, ALWAYS spoils my plans.

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