Braun Thermometer Hunting in London 

A friend of ours in KL asked us to get her a thermometer so off we went thermometer hunting. BRAUN Thermoscan 7 to be exact which was much cheaper than London than it was in KL. T1 was asking why we needed to get my friend a thermometer? Does she have young children? I was also contemplating getting one for myself when T1 said what for??? We never get fever, no need!!! Then I reminded her that they both indeed DID get a fever this year after not getting one for over 2 years but it was gone within a day with Izumio. Truly, thank you Izumio, because it is for you that I have hope again. 

Coming back to our thermometer hunt, we went to several Boots Stores to compare prices and models and brands LOL. And T1 finally said I should tell my friend to take more Izumio instead then she wouldn’t need a thermometer like us. The thing is, as sharp as my eyes are for scale and detail, my hands are just as sensitive to touch and I can tell when my children are having a fever and I can even tell quite accurately how high the fever is, just by touching them. No kidding. I just have that talent. And it has always been correct. Plus I also have ESP and a photographic memory. Don’t ask. I was just born like that.  

Long story short, I did not get a thermometer for our home even though I really wanted to. And I am proud of myself for not getting anything for myself in London because really, I needed nothing. I would rather spend my money flying on Business because hey, I am a business woman after all. 

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