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After a quick fun trip to Bangkok with my girls last weekend, this weekend we made an impromptu trip to Ipoh. How come? Because the crazy Hubs said he missed eating Ipoh Taugeh, so within 5 minutes, we were hunting down Ipoh hotels and you know what my spoilt girls are like……

Booked, paid and off we went. We stayed at the WEIL Hotel which I do recommend as we had a pleasant stay. Great location as it is connected to a shopping mall and all conveniences were below. It was clean, the rooms were big, and there was plenty of space to roll around. Everything worked. Staff were polite. All good.

In Ipoh, we ate and we ate and we ate. Yup. That was ALL we did in Ipoh. I am so full. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! We loved it but the girls hated it. They loved the hotel room only but did not like eating at hawker centres as T1 actually found a huge ass dead fly in her barley drink. OMG, that was scary!!! After that, she refused to order drinks and scrutinised every single bite of char quay teow before allowing it to touch her mouth. Too funny. We also bought cookies and all sorts of rubbish and met up with a lovely accountant. Didn’t have time to meet up with anyone else as even with this accountant, she came to the hotel with her in-laws and kids in tow. She is so going to rock Ipoh.

22nd August 2016 – today is an exceptionally special day. I have been having a stroke of bad luck of late with my water supply at home and it has been putting me in a foul, foul mood. My late Mom always said that if you had a water problem at home to get it fixed as soon as you can as it signified money pouring out. Yeah, tell me about that!!! So we attempted to call in the contractors to get it fixed and after several days, it is still not fixed.

This morning, we went to view 8 apartments in the city, out of which only 6 was within budget so screw the other 2 as much as the girls wanted THOSE two. Bloody hell. They can bloody well earn the money for it!!! The unit spanned over 4,000 square feet and cost RM 7 million yo!!!! One could cycle within it!!! All we could afford were the 3+1 bedroom units and what really pissed me off was the fact that the low floor units (Level 8-13) were similarly priced to smaller unites at Level 35. WTF. Why is KL so expensive??????? We took lots of pictures and started doing some calculations on how much money we would have to sell our bodies for to pay for a city apartment as it is really such a big decision to start paying for a huge piece of property all over again. The drawback would be that we would have to drive further to school to and fro but the advantage would be that everything is downstairs. Like EVERYTHING. Even if we wanted to watch a freaking movie, we’d just have to walk and be down in 5 minutes. So dang convenient.

And because I didn’t finish this blog 2 days ago, I have already forgotten why it was such a fabulous day. OK, my new little niece was born!!! She is the cutest Thai bub called Emma and looks like a fierce bunny!

Right, I am really too busy to finish what I had started to share so I shall just post this now and continue a brand new post another day. Shish. It is 4 days later. FAIL.


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