Selamat Hari Raya to All my Muslim Friends and Loyal Readers!!!

Salam semua! Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin. This Raya we are stuck in KL because we booked too late as we were sick off and on in the last month playing a merry go round of catching the flu and none of us had any freaking Izumio because it was out of stock!!! Yes, in all of Malaysia, Izumio was out of stock and whatever I had left I gave to all my customers who needed it. Nevertheless, we are OK to stay in KL as time does heal even if change is inevitable. 

I am getting restless and have suggested taking the kids to London because I miss my friends and have been welcomed with big open arms to London BUT the Hubs refuses to let us go! He cannot go because he is so committed to his work (blek!!) and is probably just jealous of us going without him. But I so want to go and am confident that I can manage two girls in London surely. Come on, London is like my second home. I spent years there! But still he says it is too dangerous blablabla what if we get bombed blablabla *rolls eyeballs* But Myanmar he let us go!!! Then he exclaimed, “Yes, do you know how many sleepless nights I had worrying if I would ever see my kids back home again whilst you were in Myanmar?!?” Adake??? 

My poor BFF in London. She was excited when I mentioned I was coming. Well, there is still a month to decide and convince the Hubs to change his mind. It is literally us taking a flight to London, and we will be safe with my friends the moment we get there. I was thinking of taking the girls to watch more musicals, show them my old hoods, play in the parks and feed the ducks, just a quick break you know? Then T1 got protective and loyal with Daddy and said, let’s not go too far. What??? Duh!!! 

The greatest blessing this Raya was that my BFF was just discharged from IJN this week after having a few near death experiences that required the hospital alarms to go on code red beeping to shock his entire heart back to life. Eight times to be exact in a span of 24 hours. Alhamdulillah, he made it. Thank you, Mom. Thank you, God. I asked him if he met Jesus or Satan. He said neither. Obviously not time for him yet! Yay! But what a scary experience for his partner and family. They were all with him, even those from far abroad. I broke down crying one morning over breakfast and the Hubs panicked because he probably thought he had done something wrong – LOL! But it was just my fear that I would lose my BFF. Really, really, I am so grateful that he has been discharged after being in CCU and HDU for about a month. For him, I have made some promises to myself. For him, I am inspired. 

Make the most of every day, ladies and gentlemen. Life is too short and it is just not worth it fighting over petty little details. Every problem can be solved with time apart and/or good communication. Learn how to give if you have enough to give. If you have RM100, give RM1. If you have RM100,000, give RM10,000. The hubs’ face turned near black with a dropped jaw that rested on the floor recently when I gently hinted about how much I gave away this month. More than half my salary. I had to quickly justify my reasons with him about rezeki and what not or his face would have been really black! I don’t blame him. He was never raised to be charitable as he was a boarding school kid where making money is everything. Whereas for me, it is a way of life. I do it without expectation, just a habit from observing my late mom for years as a child, and hoping my Kids will inherit this habit too, and life is always good when you do not calculate and can give freely without expectation. Unlike some people I know who give free products away and then expect them to share. Errr……no. When I give, I give from the heart. Even if you were my friend, and I give, I do not expect you to stay loyal. I give because my heart says to give. Whatever you want to do to me is up to you. My blessings come from Heaven so I am very thankful already!

Selamat Hari Raya to my dearest family and friends. You are all so loved, I truly love all my Muslim friends. Extra prayers for my dear friend who has lost her children to an asshole of a husband who is a drug addict and CEO of a renown company that everyone glorifies. Just wait till the truth comes out, you bastards.

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