Retirement before 50

I retired when I became a Stay-At-Home-Mom even before T1 was born. That was back in 1997. I was how old? My late 20s I reckon? But the only reason I could retire then was because I had the Hubs to fend for us. After 10 years of staying at home and giving my all to T1, my bum was itching to get back into the work force. But instead, I got an offer I could not refuse. So I got up to start working again. 3 years later I was forced to retire again because I was too sick to work! Yet look at me now. I can now well and truly say that I not only have my health back but can retire independently, but better than that, so can the Hubs! My passive income is now more than double his income so yeah, we can definitely retire.

The thing is, the kids do not want him to retire!!! He has not hit the big 50 yet and they feel that if he retires and stayed home, that he would grow into an old, grumpy uncle and read the newspapers all day just like Kong-Kong! LOL! They feel that by staying home, he will be a waste of space and get on their nerves most likely by nagging them to do their homework and such. Me on the other hand, want him to retire from work so he can start his ‘other’ work and take over the family duties so I can do my best work! I LOVE my work but I cannot work right now because I am still being the chauffeur mom and all it’s extended duties. So frustrating.

What shall we do then? Go for holiday!!!

And buy a house. We are viewing a house tomorrow and then it would be a decision of house near school or city living. This will be good for me because it gives me something to focus on and not keep giving my time away all the time. I welcome a change of scenery! I can work on the house renovations for the next year. Finally, I can design my dream home……

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