My problem with the Izumio Business


Yes, I do have a problem with the Izumio business.


1. Every person I see suffering I want to help. To the point where I would just give them free consumption. But how many can I help? Someone just showed me a picture of two small children suffering a gene disorder where their skin is cracked and bleeding, even worse than the worse of eczema that I have seen, and they look like they are from a poor family, and I wanted to give them free products straight away. I have another friend who is dying and I also want to give her free products. And I WILL!!! At the end of the day, I will be doing a losing business. Which is actually fine by me because to me, that is my primary purpose. It is why I do what I do. But I don’t think the Hubs thinks in the same way and if I did do what my heart desired, he would stop me in my tracks immediately. Sigh. SO I try to hide as much as I can to strike a balance.

2. It is depressing sometimes. Because like it or not, people die. Yes, I have had several patients who have left me last year. I did the best that I could and I prayed for all of them but they still went for various reasons. It killed me. These are people I have met and formed relationships with. They are people whom I was supposed to have helped. It teaches me that when God says it is time, it is time. May all their souls rest in peace and may they take good care of the loved ones that they have left behind as it is them now that I am supporting. This is a continuous journey and just because a patient leaves us, I stop. No. The motive is genuine as it always has been and the families have shown gratitude to which I am humbled.

3. Crazy, greedy, psychotic, demanding customers. Nuff said. Like I don’t have a life?

4. Jealousy. When you are earning so much money and doing well, there are bound to be others who get jealous of you. That isn’t my problem. I’ve had people jealous of me all my life. It stems from their own insecurities. Some gung ho women who love attention and are the live wires of their circles? Some of them are the saddest, most eaten up beings; and due to that, they lash out on others. I see it everywhere. So when I come across some real people? Man, I clench them so tight with my heart. Because these ‘normal’ people are rare and few and far between. Practically every woman around me has a hang up or two. But the ‘normal’ ones? I love them so much. They are just so NORMAL!!! Shit! I LOVE normal!!! If you ever leave me, I will CRY a RIVER!!!

5. Too many orders. Believe it or not, I cannot cope with the demand at the moment. I have already hired a part time ad-hoc driver to help me. I am still trying to figure out the best options of delegation. Which reminds me…..there is something I need to attend to right this minute.

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