MLM – Multi-Level Marketing in Malaysia

Before 2014, I will tell you frankly that I looked down on MLM peeps. Why? Because I had several bad experiences with these MLM wankers. One conned me into attending a rally that completely freaked me out (AMWAY) and another forced me to keep signing my credit card (Filipino lady for NUSKIN). Yes, I know nobody can force you right? But she was so stressful that it was easier to just sign it and get rid of her. I was earning RM12,000+ at that time and I signed away about RM8,000. Those days, I was still living at home with very little expenses so it was OK.

Fast forward 20 years later when I already earned RM35,000 a month, did I even care about doing an MLM business? Tell me. Would YOU care? I was comfortable. Why would I want to start running an MLM business?

So my experience in the last 2 years has been that those who were arrogant like me previously, will see the wrath of suffering, and suffered I have.

  1. Fear of being cheated – this is probably the number one reason why people stay away from MLM companies and businesses because the freedom is truly there to cheat one another. But that is exactly why each individual needs to sit down and pay attention to the Business Plan, do their own research on the company and read up, talk to loads of people who are doing the business within the same company AND outside, and then make an informed decision. Why deny yourself a potentially good thing? Alternatively, go through someone you truly trust. This is tricky because trust is a sensitive issue. I trusted my introducer purely because another friend said she could be trusted but now the very same lady has apologised saying she had only just met her. WTF !!! Well, totally my fault because I shouldn’t have depended on someone else’s trust and used my own feelers instead. Too late now. We start again.
  2. Fear of products not working – why would anyone want to spend on something when we do not know if something is useful to us or not? What if you were desperate and had nowhere else to go? The least you can do is to try? Then at least you can say you tried? If you never try it with a good support system, then you will never know. And when it comes to a matter of life and death, trying is worth it. Also, again do your research. Is it 100 people saying the products are great or is it 10,000 people saying the products are great? Talk to tons of people and when you come across someone who has only negative things to say about the product, find out the real reasons. Don’t just depend on ONE SOURCE because most likely people just tell THEIR sides of the story, yes? Speak to several sources and make your own assessment and judge with your own gut feel if what the majority are saying are true. Also, if the products have research articles scientifically backed, read them for goodness sake. It will give you the confidence to try them. And not just research articles but research articles from Credible Sources. How would you know? Ask. Google. Best Medical Journals, for example.
  3. Failure to believe – ALL MLM companies will tell you that you can become a millionaire. Yes, I will admit it sounds bloody far fetched. Until I became one myself through the MLM system. I kid you not. I am not here sharing this to entice you to join me. No. I am about to start a new MLM business and whether you join me or not, I am still going to crank up the numbers because I simply know how. What I am saying though is if you wanted to gain financial freedom from an MLM business (which is a fantastic way to fast track your journey seriously!), do your research with all the available MLM businesses in Malaysia and truly UNDERSTAND what they are all about. Speak to people to explain each other’s systems to you so you really know. The people who work for company A will only tell you what they want to from company A so ask company B how they would compare company A to company B, for example. I am a pro at that. Come talk to me if you really are interested to know why I have chosen one particular MLM over another. Another important point to note is you should always get the person who is introducing the MLM business to you to show you realistically just how you can achieve your financial goals in what amount of time. And then you yourself decide if it is at all worth it. If you want a commitment from them, get it! Get them to draw it up in black and white to show you how you will be achieving your financial goals and get them to commit to it. Make it legal if you wish! The weakness in the MLM system is that many a time, people exaggerate the actual process and then you find it that much more challenging or realise that you have to put in more money in order to make more. Bullshit. I don’t do that. I work hard for my money and because of that, I have been able to help so many people. Not boasting, just fact.
  4. Pyramid Schemes – MLM companies are NOT pyramid schemes. Pyramid and Ponzi schemes are businesses where there is no physical product. What happens is they sell you something which is not tangible, such as hidden gold coins, or land in another country, or forex; you know? Stuff that you pay for but don’t ACTUALLY get and can feel? So all you have is a piece of PAPER. Hey, with a  piece of paper, anyone can fly off with the wind and what do you do then? I used to work at a British Multinational and had clients who did exactly this so I know exactly how they made their money and how they conned everyone into buying. It was extremely CLEVER!!! And they were rich!! In a legitimate MLM structure, you must get something tangible. You pay for goods and you get it so you can use those goods immediately. The bonus lies in actually being able to get cash back or earn an income when you refer more sales or share with more people to allow the company to have more customers. Like a group buy kind of concept. You become the company’s marketing and sales force instead. Why not? Especially if you have an excellent product that sells itself?
  5. Laziness – Errr……if you are too comfortable in your comfort zone, then please continue to laze in your comfort zone. The reason people get up and work is because they want to free themselves from the burdens of life or have a purpose to fulfil. Even if you were super wealthy, your health is not guaranteed and your wealth is not guaranteed either. Everyone needs a spare tyre because yours could go flat ANY time. So why not work towards a BACK UP PLAN, so that should anything untoward ever happen, you have THIS to fall back on. And if all goes hunky dory, well, you have a freaking BONUS!!! But let’s just say you were SO RICH that you never had to work a day in your life and had enough reserves to keep several generations going, your health is still not guaranteed but more than that, why not do something for the community? Why not give back to society? You never know where the work you do can take you. Change the lives of others for the better. Why not.

So if you want a truly objective view of MLM businesses in Malaysia, I am able to give it to you. Despite the fact that I am already in several MLM businesses because I get a buzz now out of it. Some are better than others and most have their good and their bad. You just have to assess them all and decide which is the best fit for you. And believe you me, I became a millionaire with the MLM vehicle and you certainly can too. I did it in 2 years. Even if you took 10 years to get it done, it is still an amazing feat much more worthy than slogging 30 years of your life and still not being able to save a million dollars. Agree?

Be prepared that nothing comes for free and you do have to work and invest in a business in order to make a return but with an MLM vehicle, the initial upfront cost is really nothing as compared to a conventional business where you need several years of hard 24/7 work in order to sniff your first sight of return let alone profit!

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