Izumio and Super Lutein for your kid’s best health

I have blogged about this before and I will do it again because I cannot stress how much better it is to take Izumio and Super Lutein for your kid’s best health as opposed to anything else out there. Of course, if you can maintain a very high diet rich in vegetables for your kids, then brilliant. They should not be falling ill at all but if they are, chances are what they are eating isn’t sufficient. If you want to supplement your kids with anything, do it with Izumio and Super Lutein for your kid’s best health. Why?

Because all those supplements that you see at the pharmacists are loaded with fillers. 90% flour powder and 10% Vitamin C. Don’t believe me? Go work in a drug factory and see it for yourself.

Great nutrition starts from young and as the kids grow, their nutritional needs grow too. During the first 2 years of life, it is imperative that your children are well nourished. Environmental pollutants such as pesticides, chemicals, additives, artificial flavourings and colourings are detrimental to young health. Their organs are still developing and if you expose them to such crap, you are putting them at risk. A nutritious lifestyle helps to strengthen a growing body and helps a child neutralise, detoxify and eliminate any unhealthy chemicals that has already gone in.

Izumio and Super Lutein for your kid’s best health.

Apart from bad food, children are especially vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections from their first 3-5 years of age before they build enough immunity to go out into the world strong. Their natural immunity requires time to build but during this time, you could help strengthen it by giving them Izumio and Super Lutein, which are completely natural and safe WITHOUT any artificial gunk AT ALL. It is essentially Hydrogen in water (pure sterilised water, and you can even test it yourselves at a laboratory) and pure vegetable carotenoid essence squeezed out of all the colours of the rainbow from the vegetables in liquid form, making it easier to digest and ingest by the young child.

Not only does Izumio and Super Lutein build your child’s protective system against falling ill, it also builds on their brains (because it has DHA) and it is excellent for their skin and eyes (what with all that screen time that kids get these days, eh?). It is a no brainer. Izumio and Super Lutein for your kid’s best health.

But the cost may shock you a bit!!! I guess it depends on where you place your child’s health on the bigger scheme of things. It will cost exactly the same if you were to BUY these vegetables and feed them to your child yourself but there is probably no way your child could eat or even drink such a big amount because that is what it takes these days to keep healthy, due to the growing greed of society in poisoning all our food. True story.

If you are a regular juicer, you will know just how much vegetables is required to get a small amount of juice. Now if you were to multiply that to match the same content with just ONE Super Lutein vegetable capsule, you will see that it is indeed expensive to get the same amount of nutrition if you were to buy it from the market. I have done this test myself and in fact, the Super Lutein turned out cheaper at RM4.50 on average per capsule. LOL. But hey, RM4.50 per day for my kid? No problem. I’d spend RM50 daily per kid in a flash if I were guaranteed that they were free from a lifetime of diseases. Just use me as an example. How many thousands have I already spent visiting Doctors in the last year? Sigh.

Izumio and Super Lutein for your kid’s best health.


Izumio and Super Lutein cost RM435 per bottle of 100 capsules, or per box of 30 packets of Hydrogen Water x 200ml each. Taken individually, they are fantastic. Taken together, they are extremely powerful. In order to get it cheaper at RM355 each, you could organise a group buy with me (I need 15 orders per product in order to bring the costs down), or simply you buy in bulk. It is so good for you anyway so what the heck. And if you get to introduce it to your friends, the company will pay you a THANK YOU fee. If you are interested to know how much THANK YOU fees you can get, please get in touch with me at 012-2333840 to introduce yourself. This is not a scam. This is not a fake product. This is real. My friends have been to the factories in Japan to check on quality and validity and I will be going myself this year. I know people who have been taking Izumio and Super Lutein for more than 10 years and have been healed from all cancers, looking fabulous, and living it up, the high life. There is nothing better in this world than superb health. Izumio and Super Lutein for your kid’s best health.

As a comparison, the rich and famous pay RM100,000 per pop thereabouts for a stem cell injection once every 6-12 months to maintain their health and vitality enabling them to travel cross countries and cross time zones and still be able to withstand jet lag and attend conference meetings etc. and look younger than they actually are. If only they knew about Izumio and Super Lutein? So much cheaper for the same results. Hehe.

Izumio and Super Lutein for your kid’s best health. To learn more, click on the Izumio Lutein Malaysia Facebook Page. Or Whatsapp me directly at 012-2333840.

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