Izumio and Super Lutein for Weight Loss

You heard right – Izumio and Super Lutein for Weight Loss. It is entirely different from other Weight Loss methods and products in the market that doesn’t last (I can fight you to the bone on this because I have tried some!). Izumio and Super Lutein work towards bringing your body into equilibrium but that doesn’t mean it will magically zap away the fat. No way. There is no such thing. Proper weight loss needs proper food control, eating the right foods and exercising. Of course, you will still lose weight if you ddi the food thing right and didn’t exercise but exercise is good for you so it is always recommended.

The way to lose weight with Izumio and Super Lutein is to take 10 packets of Izumio daily with 3-6 capsules of Super Lutein so that your body works it’s way into tip top health first (timing will depend on your state of health when you start) and foremost. Once that process is done, everything in the body should be functioning an optimal level and then you can start looking at watching what you eat more carefully for the weight to shed.  Your metabolic rate should be working well by now so you can almost eat healthily just as long as you know what you are putting into your bodies.

For example, this gentleman below, he lost 60kg in a few months by following this formula. Having a full breakfast and a large lunch and a healthy dinner. A healthy dinner meaning only vegetables and fish. This allows your body to burn off your lunch from lunchtime onwards and prepares your body for less work towards bed time. Because when your body does not have a chance to fully burn off the fuel that you’ve put in before you sleep, that is when it starts getting stored as fat.

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Another lady who suffers from Lupus lost 30kg within a few months too.


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