Izumio and Super Lutein for Sinus Infections and Sinusitis

Yo, people of sinus cemetery! Wake up!

There is now Izumio and Super Lutein for Sinus Infections and Sinusitis so you really do not have to suffer any longer! Like for real!

Both my parents suffer from bad allergies, immune system disorders, sinusitis being one of them so it was only natural that I had to inherit them. It used to be so bad that I would have to have a whole box of tissues beside my bed and Mom would say, suck it up, I went through it too. So empathetic she was but strangely, hers went away after she got pregnant with me. But it got passed down to me!

I remember Mom saying, maybe after you get a baby, yours will stop like mine. Yeah, right. Bollocks that was. Interestingly though, in my 7 years in the UK, I did not suffer from my sinuses at all. Strange right? Was it the weather? The air quality? The state of mind? Who knows??? But as soon as I returned to Malaysia, BANG!!!

Full blown sinuses every day. Always in the morning, frequently at nights and on occasion when there is a wisp of dust. That has been my lifetime excuse of not doing housework, just so you know. Because the agony of me having a full blown sinus attack is worst than you doing the housework. Strategy…..strategy.

So. When I was out of University, my God sister and Mom bought me a bottle of horseradish. God sister said it really worked. I started taking it but they tasted like horse poo so I stopped. Over the years, well, I just lived with this condition and felt sorry for T1 when she started suffering from it too. But in old age (yes, I am old like it or not), it has gotten worse. My sinuses started being very proned to infections. Slight haze and bang. Get caught in the rain and bang. Sit around smokers and bang. So much so that the Hubs kept nagging me to flush my nose regularly so I won’t get infections every other month or week.

I’m lazy so I just let it be and suffered. Should have really invested in Kleenex shares in my teens.

Enter Izumio and Super Lutein. The next day after taking these products, my sinuses overflowed and took a life on it’s own. It was splashing out like the Niagara falls and my head was woooooooozyyyyyy.

I called the lady who supplied the goods and asked her what was going on!!!

She said it was normal. NORMAL??? THE FUCKKKK!!!!???? This is NOT normal!!!! She advised me to just bare with it for a few days, up to a week (A WEEK!!!???) and it will calm down and everything will be much better. So I went about the next few days bitching and being a right bitch. Trust me if you had a nose flood, you’d be a bitch too.

Fast forward a week later, no more sinus. Hmm. For 3 months no sinus. Zero infection. Then in December, I decided to up my dosage to 6 Super Lutein capsules a day because I was told that that was what I needed if I wanted to see my eyes improving and guess what?

The exact same thing happened!!! My nose went berserk again!!! FUCKKKKKK!!!!! What the hell!???

This time round, I was more confident in the Izumio and Super Lutein as by then, it had already helped me in so many ways so I just bared with it and true enough within a week, all was gone. All toxins flushed out and a solid piece of gunk even flew out. MAJOR EWEEEEEEE!!! I didn’t know I had a stone embedded in my sinuses!??? I pressed it and it was HARD!!! EWE!!!!! It didn’t even look like hardened snot. I have no idea what it was but it was hard.

A further 3 months later and I’ve not had a major sinus attack and no infections, fingers crossed. I still do get a very mild run in the morning especially when it’s cold, but a simple snort out clears it completely. Just once.

That is an amazing relief to be free from frequent sinus infections and daily sinusitis. Like you just don’t know how good life can be when you are not bothered by giggly niggly irritations like this that not only spoil your day but steal time away from your life when you could be doing much greater things saving the world. You know?

So if you have sinus problems, I highly recommend Izumio and Super Lutein to heal your irritable noses. It works. It really works. And I am telling you so.

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Who is Mamapumpkin?
Mamapumpkin spent 7 years in London committing crimes to gain her Bartlett BSc in Architecture. She spent 7 years as a Stay At Home Mom raising her children as documented in this Mamapumpkin blog since over 10 years ago and thereafter returned to the Corporate World stronger than ever. Her last job as Country Director of a British Railway Signalling organisation saw her getting ill with an aortal and mitral heart valve regurgitation and early stage cancer. Through her journey from working to not working to working again, she sets out to prove to all women that they can do anything and everything that they set out to do; as long as they have that fire of desire burning within and the drive to work hard. Even better with oodles of love, passion and integrity.

Despite being ill, she has grown a network marketing business from very little knowledge and experience in the otherwise infamously known MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry, racing from an income of ZERO to RM 100,000 monthly in merely 2 years. She is a firm believer of the MLM business model but realises the pitfalls too and understands how and why the majority of people would shy away (or zoom far away) from any MLM business.

She is now pondering the title of her new book, From Zero to 100,000 RM monthly in 2 years and has a sequel in the pipeline with the aim of helping real professionals succeed in the World of MLM. Always the giver, Mamapumpkin has supported orphans for over 30 years and has now extended her care to the sick, single mothers, and even struggling families. She believes that with the MLM business model, we can all have a life of our own desires to enable real contribution into the world.

A beautiful life without limits.

Mamapumpkin currently manages the Homeschooling Hub Malaysia on Facebook. She also runs Working Women Malaysia (not THAT kind of Working Women!), Mamapumpkin - Creating A Life of Abundance, and Funky Moms on Facebook to offer REAL support to all women who want career and life success. She is a living testimony that women really can have a lot. Being financially free has enabled her to travel the world anytime anywhere doing anything, and she spends most of her day to day with her children, reading and supporting other women.

For enquiries, please contact her at mamapumpkin at gmail dot com or WhatsApp her at +6012-2333840
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  1. I have suffer from sinus too and depend on med’s and after trying izumio & super lutein, the sinus is gone, been suffering for almost 20yrs and can’t believe it cure in just a short time but still Im taking it everyday.

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