Izumio and Super Lutein for Eczema

Izumio and Super Lutein for Eczema

I have been observing some of my customers who are suffering from eczema and oh my goodness, I feel for them!!! And even more so for the children. Why? Why? WHY??? It is so unfair that innocent children have to suffer so it is another mission of mine to heal as many children from eczema as possible.

I am a sufferer of allergies myself (asthma, sinusitis, psoriasis, mild eczema) and whilst my sinusitis, asthma and psoriasis have improved so much, my VERY MILD eczema has not budged for the last 6 months, until now. How come???? Mine is just a few patches on my body here and there that are scaly and dry and get itchy the moment I eat allergenic food. It is always the same old spots that get itchy. I cannot stand the roughness. No matter how much cream I put on that particular area, it is still as rough. How come the products worked on everything else in my body but not this bloody rough patch?

Finally after 6 months of consuming Izumio and Super Lutein for Eczema, the rough patch on my leg is still there but it is softer. Definitely softer and perhaps so because I have applied Hydrogen Water thrice in this 6 months onto it to bathe it. I was so desperate since consuming the products didn’t seem to improve it so I tried applying the Izumio on it topically. I finally have faith that it can be healed.

Some people have healed their eczema conditions really well with Izumio and Super Lutein but some are still struggling with the detox process. The problem with eczema is that if you have been on steroidal creams, it takes a longer time to heal as there is increased amounts of toxins within the body. But yet, I have been told that if you truly do heal your gut, you CAN heal from eczema or at the very least keep it very controlled. The body is like any other living thing. For example, if you have Diabetes, Izumio and Super Lutein can heal you very quickly, but if you continue to eat sugar after that, you tell me if you think you would get your diabetes back? Some people have shit for brains and expect a miracle cure from Izumio and Super Lutein. It is not magic!!!

It is just very high quality food and water. Whilst it can nourish and heal the body, if you keep abusing your body, then of course you have to keep consuming more nutrients to fight off more free radicals, isn’t it? Is it not common sense?

Here’s a little girl who healed with Izumio and Super Lutein for Eczema within 3 months, and the healing continues. She still gets very mild flare ups but very rarely and nothing like before. I am enlarging the photos on purpose so you can observe the severity of her eczema. She is only 8 years old, the poor girl, but praise the Lord she is now a healthy little chipmunk after Izumio and Super Lutein!


When she first started, her entire face was covered with broken and dry skin. Very painful to watch, even more painful for her Mother.


Do you think as an adult you can withstand the kind of pain like this? This very brave little girl did. She had no choice then.


After a few weeks on Izumio and Super Lutein, her healing process began. There were times when the flare ups were bad but persist she did. This is where most people fail. They do not have the holding power to persist but if you truly want to heal, you must. If this little girl can do it for a few months of pain, you can too. Come on, do you want to heal for life and improve your life or do you want to have recurrent eczema?


As her healing progressed, her skin became smoother and smoother, but her eyes were still very swollen.


Eventually though with a lot of grit and patience and bravado and strength, look at her face now!!! She has been healed, her skin is smooth and her eyes are no longer swollen. If she gets stressed or eats the wrong thing again, she might itch or get a dry patch again but that is because her healing process is ongoing. Don’t you think an improvement such as this is worth taking the Izumio and Super Lutein already??? If you continue it, you will only get better and better till your entire body comes to an equilibrium of great health.


The absolute best part of her journey was that she used to be allergic to cat fur and was not allowed to go near cats. Izumio Hydrogen Water happens to be a natural antihistamine and it heals your allergies so look at her now!!! She is allowed to freely play with cats as she is no longer allergic. Praise the Lord indeed whichever Higher Being you follow. I follow ALL. I am so happy that this little girl is now able to enjoy her cats and so happy  that her skin is healed and that she no longer has to deal with raw, painful wounds. She is blessed, I am blessed. And I am genuinely happy for her healing.


This is what her legs went through. Remember, she is just a little girl…..


Flare ups were bad!!! Ouch!! Painful much???


But now healed. No more broken skin. No more pain. Alhamdulillah.

This is merely ONE of our Eczema patients and there are many, many who are going through this painful but worthy healing process right now from Eczema. Some drop off because they just cannot withstand the pain. Some are still undergoing the process, it could take months……but rather than suffer your entire life with it, is it not worth it to go through several flare ups over a few months and be healed once and for all?

We had one customer who turned out to be allergic to Super Lutein yet the Doctors could not identify what exactly he was allergic to. Oh well. Izumio when taken sufficiently will be able to heal his allergies to the Super Lutein. I have learnt that Eczema comes about from various reasons but the utmost is that there is a problem in the gut. Once you figure out what that is, you have your eczema sorted but most people won’t even have the first clue how. Some are clever and diligent enough to research it to death but mostly it is a tiring affair. If you really want to sort out your child’s eczema, I can help but you really need to follow the various tests and procedures before a solution can be offered. I just don’t want to waste time with people who do not have the real will to see this through. I have a friend who has REALLY healed her son’s eczema and even she is too tired to share how as it is a tedious process. But a very real one. It is gut health.

In the meantime, if you want a quicker fix, you can try Izumio and Super Lutein (and you might get lucky that Izumio and Super Lutein heals your eczema without anything else, assuming you are not allergic to the products), then the tedious process of finding out why your child even has eczema to start with will be unnecessary. The products are 100% safe even for babies and children and there is no such thing as an overdose as it is just water and fruit and vegetables. Really.

Give it a try. Contact me at 012-2333840.

More examples of my patients with Eczema can be found here.


Mamapumpkin quit her full time job as the Country Director of a British Railway Signalling organisation in December 2014 due to the diagnosis of her double heart valve (aortal and mitral) regurgitation causing her to be extremely fatigued (insufficient oxygenated blood) and not being able to function as a normal human being. By the Grace of God, she was introduced to Izumio and Super Lutein and her health has rocketed since. She now pledges that it is the best thing that ever happened to her and earns a good living by sharing the benefits of Izumio and Super Lutein to the world.

Mamapumpkin also manages the Homeschooling Hub Malaysia on Facebook. Please LIKE the page and contact her for enquiries. She has just recently started Working Women Malaysia on Facebook to offer support to all women who want career and life success.

For information on Izumio and Super Lutein, please LIKE the Izumio Lutein Malaysia page on Facebook or email her at (mamapumpkin at gmail dot com) and she will be able to respond to all your queries. Or WhatsApp/Call her at 012-2333840.

There is also an Izumio and Super Lutein Resource Centre on Facebook that is strictly for her growing team of customers and medical advisers (yes, there are Doctors in there). This is a place where user sharing is discussed working towards everyone’s best health. And of course, you will be guided towards your business success should you wish to do the Izumio business, a very viable business.

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Who is Mamapumpkin?
Mamapumpkin spent 7 years in London committing crimes to gain her Bartlett BSc in Architecture. She spent 7 years as a Stay At Home Mom raising her children as documented in this Mamapumpkin blog since over 10 years ago and thereafter returned to the Corporate World stronger than ever. Her last job as Country Director of a British Railway Signalling organisation saw her getting ill with an aortal and mitral heart valve regurgitation and early stage cancer. Through her journey from working to not working to working again, she sets out to prove to all women that they can do anything and everything that they set out to do; as long as they have that fire of desire burning within and the drive to work hard. Even better with oodles of love, passion and integrity.

Despite being ill, she has grown a network marketing business from very little knowledge and experience in the otherwise infamously known MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry, racing from an income of ZERO to RM 100,000 monthly in merely 2 years. She is a firm believer of the MLM business model but realises the pitfalls too and understands how and why the majority of people would shy away (or zoom far away) from any MLM business.

She is now pondering the title of her new book, From Zero to 100,000 RM monthly in 2 years and has a sequel in the pipeline with the aim of helping real professionals succeed in the World of MLM. Always the giver, Mamapumpkin has supported orphans for over 30 years and has now extended her care to the sick, single mothers, and even struggling families. She believes that with the MLM business model, we can all have a life of our own desires to enable real contribution into the world.

A beautiful life without limits.

Mamapumpkin currently manages the Homeschooling Hub Malaysia on Facebook. She also runs Working Women Malaysia (not THAT kind of Working Women!), Mamapumpkin - Creating A Life of Abundance, and Funky Moms on Facebook to offer REAL support to all women who want career and life success. She is a living testimony that women really can have a lot. Being financially free has enabled her to travel the world anytime anywhere doing anything, and she spends most of her day to day with her children, reading and supporting other women.

For enquiries, please contact her at mamapumpkin at gmail dot com or WhatsApp her at +6012-2333840
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