How do you know when you get a Stroke? Izumio for STROKE – Malaysia


How do you know when you get a Stroke? Izumio for STROKE – Malaysia


This is another serious piece of information that I need to memorise because I am at high risk for getting a stroke. It is in my family medical history and due to my incredibly BAD diet over the last 40 plus years, I am so lucky that I am not dead yet. Like really.

First of all, how would you know if you are in the midst of having a stroke or a heart attack? A stroke is just a milder form of a heart attack. If you are someone who eats a lot of oil and meat, you probably are at risk. And especially if you do not get enough exercise.

When someone is unlucky enough to get a stroke, every second counts. Acting super fast could save that person’s life. And if you have Izumio Water, you are BLESSED!!!! Which is why I feel that every family should have at least a box of Izumio at home even if they do not wish to consume it on a regular basis, have it for such emergencies. You never know when someone gets burnt, or has a bad accident, or a stroke. It has been tried and tested that when given Izumio upon a stroke immediately, even when the victim’s mouth has drooped, Izumio had the ability to reverse it. Really. Isn’t it worth it then to keep some at home as you never know when and who will be getting a stroke? I have a packet or 2 or 3 in my handbag everywhere I go. Because I know it could be handy one fine day in saving someone’s live wherever I might be when I’m on the go.

Heart disease and stroke (ding-ding-ding!!! That would be me!!!) are the 2 top killers in both men and women and we die from it every 90 seconds. Even a stroke can kill. One dies from a stroke every 4 minutes. Now just sit and think for a moment, isn’t that scary??? But fast action can truly save these lives.

A Stroke and a Heart Attack is caused when there is a blockage to the normal flow of blood within your body. This stops the blood from flowing normally to your heart or your brain, our 2 most important organs, and if you DO NOT die, will have severe consequences to the rest of your body.

How do you know when you get a Stroke? Izumio for STROKE – Malaysia….

Some of the symptoms on the onset of a stroke is:-

– a sustained, crushing chest pain with difficulty in breathing

– a racing heart breaking out in cold sweat with pain down the left arm

– shoulder pain or jaw stiffness

Strangely though, women may have different symptoms to men that include:-

– exhaustion and fatigue or

– have indigestion and nausea (exactly what my MIL had).

To this day, I still cannot believe that my MIL died of a heart attack. She was SO healthy and only ate clean and exercised daily. It says that many women have a vague sense of gloom and doom, a sense of I just don’t feel quite right and don’t know why; and that is EXACTLY what my MIL felt the day before she died. And get this, she was brought to 2 different Doctors in Kelantan and none of them had a clue that she was about to get a heart attack only a few hours later.

The symptoms of stroke include:-

– sudden difficulty in seeing, speaking, or walking,

– feelings of weakness, numbness, dizziness, and confusion

– some people get a severe headache that’s immediate and strong, different from any kind you’ve ever had.

When the heart is starved from blood for too long (around 10-15 minutes), heart muscles can be damaged for good. You could rush the victim to the hospital for emergency procedures but man, you will THANK yourself if you had some Izumio with you. Every moment you wait, more and more brain cells are dying and the greater the chance for permanent irreversible damage.

Emergency treatment for stroke depends on the kind of stroke. The most common type, ischemic stroke, is caused by a clot that clogs a blood vessel in the brain. The clot-dissolving drug tPA works best when given soon after symptoms begin. NIH research shows that patients who received tPA within 3 hours of stroke onset were more likely to recover fully.

Other strokes are caused by a hemorrhage—when a blood vessel breaks and bleeds into the brain. Patients can have a larger hemorrhage within the first 3 hours. A hospital medical team can help contain the bleeding so every moment counts.

Even if you’re unsure, don’t feel embarrassed or hesitate to call EMERGENCY if you suspect a heart attack or stroke. It could be a matter of life and death.

Heart attack or stroke can happen to anyone, but your risk increases with age. A family or personal history of heart attack or stroke raises your risk. Some risk factors for heart attack and stroke are within your control and treating them can dramatically reduce your risk.

If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes, work towards getting these conditions under control. Know your numbers (blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol) and what they mean.

You can also prepare for a medical emergency, to some degree. A hospital may not have access to your medical records when you arrive. Keep important health information handy, such as the medicines you’re taking, allergies, and emergency contacts. It would be important for the medical team to know, for example, if you’ve been taking anticoagulants to help prevent blood clots; these blood thinners put you at increased risk of bleeding.

There is absolutely nothing that will save both your time and health as well as prevention. Studies show that making healthy lifestyle choices can help prevent these medical emergencies from happening in the first place. Eat a healthy diet rich in protein, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables, and low in saturated fat. Get regular physical activity and don’t smoke. Take Izumio Hydrogen Water for Stroke Prevention. Seriously.

In August this year, I was diagnosed with TIA (hey, that’s my daughter!). I had flashing lights and I thought I was going to collapse. It was SCARY!!!!! I didn’t know what was happening and I could not see my surroundings and thought that the fluorescent light had gone wonky but it was broad daylight and there was ZERO fluorescent lights on. They were extremely bright fluorescent lights!!! Like those you get at the stadium during a football match at night, y’know??? I quickly went to my bed and lay down and slept. I was feeling faint anyway. When I wake up, I was OK. This happened several times over the month of August without the flashing lights but the feeling that I was about to collapse. SCARY STILL!!! So I was diagnosed with TIA and had to get a brain scan done. Due to my high intake of Hydrogen however, the brain MRI came out looking superb. The brain neurosurgeon kept going on and on about every little detail of my brain saying how wonderful everything looked and she was really surprised that someone with all these health problems had such a quality brain blablablablabla. I’m telling you, it was the Hydrogen.

How do you know when you get a Stroke? Izumio for STROKE – Malaysia – as explained above. Do not wait till anyone in your family gets a stroke. Just take the bloody Hydrogen. If you do not want to, don’t. Simple. Just don’t call me at 2am in the morning to rush you some Izumio. Izumio is a very good stroke prevention nutrient that has been clinically tested for strokes.

After 7 years in London committing crimes to gain a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from The Bartlett, Mamapumpkin quit her full time job as the Country Director of a British Railway Signalling organisation in December 2014 due to the diagnosis of her double heart valve (aortal and mitral) regurgitation causing her to be extremely fatigued (insufficient oxygenated blood) and not being able to function as a normal human being. By the Grace of God, she was introduced to Izumio and Super Lutein and her health has rocketed since. She now pledges that it is the best thing that ever happened to her and earns a good living by sharing the benefits of Izumio and Super Lutein to the world.

Mamapumpkin also manages the Homeschooling Hub Malaysia on Facebook. Please LIKE the page and contact her for enquiries. She has just recently started Working Women Malaysia on Facebook to offer support to all women who want career and life success.

For information on Izumio and Super Lutein, please LIKE the Izumio Lutein Malaysia page on Facebook or email her at (mamapumpkin at gmail dot com) and she will be able to respond to all your queries. Or WhatsApp/Call her at 012-2333840.

There is also an Izumio and Super Lutein Resource Centre on Facebook that is strictly for her growing team of customers and medical advisers (yes, there are Doctors in there). This is a place where user sharing is discussed working towards everyone’s best health. And of course, you will be guided towards your business success should you wish to do the Izumio business, a very viable business.

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Or do a SEARCH on this blog on the top right hand corner for IZUMIO and you should be able to find anything related to Izumio. Mamapumpkin talks about Izumio everyday. It is her life after her family.

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