Having Regrets

Having regrets is what I try to talk many out of having but people are a funny breed. Of course, aliens are too and definitely those from the PRC (not all but many), and the many dan lain-lain cattle. Sometimes I wonder if I should just live my life with dogs and cats. Much simpler, much smarter. 

I keep telling people, I have retired. My life is mine now to do whatever I want. It is really true and whether you believe it or not has no consequence in my life. And in a matter of months my husband will retire too and together we will hopefully NOT make babies (D, you watch it, don’t jinx me!). As I go about helping fellow women and sisters raise their livelihoods whilst helping the poor and sick, I remind all to share about Izumio and Super Lutein from the get go. Do not let your fears hold you back, for the life you could have saved could go before your eyes in a flash. I have several instances where Izumio and Super Lutein were not shared from Day One followed by all sorts of excuses. You know they are just that because it is exactly what it is. I don’t mind your excuses, I don’t really care. But the thing is, your excuses affect you and your excuses take you either up or down. It is all good if you just accept your direction where your excuses take you but when you come running in desperation to me when everything goes belly up, when I have time and time again spread the word to tell EVERYONE about Izumio and Super Lutein, you halt. It is too late. If the patient needs time to research before using izumio and Super Lutein to save his life, it is too late. The patient should have done the research months ago so that when he decides, he can take it any time. But because YOU failed to share it with him months ago, he didn’t know any better. And now that he is at his last leg of life, you are forcing him to take it? How is that fair to him? Why didn’t you share months ago when hope was a bigger word? I am sorry but I cannot help you. I have retired. 

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