Finalising the Holidays

Yay! I finally did it! Signed our lives away to our next few holidays! The kids are super duper excited. Like duh.

Well, we better travel as much as possible whilst I still can! We are doing Hong Kong to visit friends, do the Ocean Park and Disneyland thing because T2 didn’t get to go to Cinderella’s castle in Tokyo Disneyland. It was cold and the queues were way too long even with fast pass so we promised her that we will do it in HK. She is incredibly excited and suddenly now I wish I had booked more days because I just realised we wouldn’t have much time to shop but heck, it’s not that we need to shop, right. We have everything we need. NO SHOPPING!!!

Niseko is booked but guess what? I booked wrongly again!!! I am just not the best holiday booker as I get confused with all the time zones and flight times with connections etc. Thankfully, we were not charged any penalties this time round since we have not only been before but I did call them to change the dates as SOON as I realised I had booked the wrong dates. Duh. Fail Mama.

This time round, the kids do not want to stop over in Tokyo or other parts of Japan so we are only spending the entire week in Niseko when the cold is only minus fucking 6 degrees. Uhuh. Day time is about minus 2. We also got the penthouse this time with an outdoor jacuzzi which I am extremely curious about. It would be akin to an outdoor hot onsen in the snow. Surreal. And since there is a big outdoor balcony with the jacuzzi, I was hoping that it would entertain the kids sufficiently that we do not have to go downstairs outdoors every single day to watch them whilst they play in the snow. *lazy Mom syndrome*

This trip, we intend to ski a lot more (I think) and T2 will try a more advanced slope. Heh. My little daredevil, I just know how much she loves danger and speed whilst I watch in palpitation mode. I must remember to bring TONS of Izumio exactly for this purpose since it slows down my palpitations immediately. I think the Hubs is the most excited of all as he has started making holiday lists LOL. List for what to bring, lists for what to eat, lists of what to buy back.

Apart from my Naturally Plus free holidays next year to Club Med Phuket, Japan and Germany (of which the Hubs should be coming with me as he would have retired by then!), we intend to travel to Italy since I missed the free holiday to Italy recently and from the photos of my team in Italy, I was sold. The truth is I just want to eat Italian food all day and night but please don’t tell my Doctor that. I am now busy planning for Italy… gel with Christmas in Amsterdam with Godma Jamie and Baby Mikaela. I am not sure if we could just go to Germany and not come back till after Christmas but it is very possible that the company would not allow such an extension. Otherwise it would be fly to Germany, fly back and then fly to Italy again. Shish. My kids would love that of course. They love aeroplanes. And guess for what? Watching movies and playing games! Like they are so deprived.

OK, I need to exercise and continue my year planning for next year. Plan to stay ahead and get ahead or stay exactly where you are in 2018. *waves*

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