Another win for T1

Just a quick post to put on record my first baby’s win again for the Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition. This time round, she entered it without me knowing at all and when I found out, I was quite annoyed because like why wouldn’t you tell your Mom that you had entered a competition? I am your Mom. I am supposed to know EVERYTHING.

For reference, 4 years ago when she was HALF the height she is now, I had approached her and suggested she entered this international essay competition. At the time, she was still underaged if I am not mistaken, but what the heck?! Just try anyway!!! So she made the effort to write an essay and we submitted it and voila!!!

Click here to see the tiniest winner of the Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition in 2013.

The following year, she participated again and won again and then I stopped caring about it because she was clearly not interested. English writing is just not her forte so I left it and let her be only to be surprised because she entered it herself. That is 3 wins in 3 years running. Thank you judges of the Royal Commonwealth for recognising the simple work of my little girl, well now not so little anymore, but always my baby all the same. She writes from her heart, not in perfect English, but it obviously meant something that she was selected to win. We are blessed.

And suddenly, my I don’t like English girl challenged me to a game of Scrabble and we took forever to finish the game. It reminded me of the many games I played with Nana, Scrabble was her favourite, and I won but not by much and I actually learnt a  few new words! It is great to know that the school is teaching my kids a lot. Hahahaha. T1 had a score of almost 200 which I thought was pretty amazing. I believe it was her first time playing a proper full game of Scrabble and I hit a higher score of course because I knew how to be more strategic with my points. Who’s up to challenge me with a game of Scrabble then? How about Chess? T1 won me at Chess recently this week. Bah. Careless move by Mommy.

Today, the girls as usual moaned and groaned about having to attend Tae Kwon Do early this morning. At one point during lunch, T1 said, “Mom, tomorrow is Monday. We are going to visit Nana and then going roller-blading, right? Shall we go for a movie later?” Her intent was to confuse me with the days so that I would mix their schedules up BUT, very calmly I responded, “You did get your brains from somewhere, sweetheart.” And she got it immediately and started cursing with T2 why it was so difficult to dupe their Mommy. Man, I don’t remember ever being so conniving in duping my own Mommy!!! The most I did was sneak out of the house and started driving out illegally after midnight and sneaking the cars back in before 6am.

Anyway, well done T1. I am truly proud of you for entering this Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition with your own initiative and winning.

Just look how far she has come??? From that little baby face to a young lady……still writing and still winning. Love her so much.

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-12-11-28-am  screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-12-10-25-am

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