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Over the last few years, many of us would have come across references to the healing properties of Hydrogen – molecular hydrogen. There has been a rapidly growing marketing campaigns by existing products as well as numerous products arriving in the market. Like seriously!!! Have you seen how many products make hydrogen now? Please do not get confused and mix them all up. Unfortunately, the information that reaches us, the consumers, is not always presented in a clear and unbiased manner.

The healing effects of various curative waters have been documented in the Holy City of Lourdes (France), Nordenau (Germany), Tlacote (Mexico), Nadana (India), and Hita Tenryosui (Japan). These waters are much sought after and well known globally as miracle waters. Scientific research conducted to identify the healing properties finally arrived at the answer. These waters contained Molecular Hydrogen. And it was this element that was responsible for the healing properties of these waters. If you want to learn more, google. Read 10 articles on these curative waters before forming a conclusion and moving on to the next step. Why do people queue up for miles to take water from Lourdes? It heals them. People who have been on wheelchairs have walked again just by regular consumption of these waters. Miracles that are too good to be true. Yet it has happened. Quite simply, science was at play and it was no miracle at all.


What is Izumio? I will tell you all about Izumio – It is Molecular Hydrogen in its natural gaseous form, where two Hydrogen atoms combine to for the Hydrogen gas molecule also known as H2 infused into water. This should not be confused with the other forms of Hydrogen which are its ionic forms H+ and H-. H2 is natural occurring while the ions of Hydrogen are only obtained through external intervention. They are MADE. The primary difference between these two forms of Hydrogen is that while the natural form of Hydrogen can be dissolved in water without changing its pH, the ionic form of Hydrogen will alter the pH of the water making it either alkaline or acidic. At higher concentrations of ionic Hydrogen, the pH will be outside published drinking water standards and regarded as unsafe. You can look up the Ministry of Health guidelines on water safety restrictions.


Research into Molecular Hydrogen grew at an accelerated pace as its numerous healing properties came to light. The fact that our bodies contain colonic bacteria that produce Molecular Hydrogen meant that this was an element that was already completely acceptable to our bodies. Our individual cells have Hydrogen bonds binding our DNA. This is further supported by testing which concluded that Hydrogen was not at all toxic to the body even in large doses, up to several hundred times what is being used for therapy and the FDA has confirmed that Molecular Hydrogen is safe. Another good example of this is that deep sea divers have been using high concentrations of Hydrogen since 1943 without any problems. It is in fact completely natural and safe. This is why you should learn all about Izumio.

The International Journal of Clinical Medicine carried a paper in January 2016, in which 9 scientist from 8 different institutions around the world reviewed 338 papers published on the various benefits of Hydrogen and its healing potential (article can be viewed at the following link: Clinical Effects of Hydrogen Administration). For reference, since 2007, there have been over 500 peer-reviewed articles demonstrating Hydrogen to have therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the human body and in 150 different human disease models. Is it any wonder that so many different products have come to the market to tap into this potential?

As a consumer, we need to make our choices carefully. The first step would be to understand some basic facts about Hydrogen. Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the chemical chart making it perfect for accessing the deepest darkest parts of the body (mitochondrial cells) where others cannot reach. Every chromosome, amino acid and protein block in our bodies need Hydrogen to build good quality cells. Because of its size it is also extremely difficult to keep Hydrogen in any vessel. Its small size allows it to penetrate and escape most containers including plastic, glass, etc, and the ONLY way to contain HYDROGEN is to use specially designed PATENTED material originally calculated by NASA. Storing Hydrogen water in other containers would result in rapid loss of Hydrogen content so you pay for minimal value. Whenever someone tells you that you only pay once and you get Hydrogen forever? Think 10 times and do your research. Would you rather pay a one off RM20,000 for a piece of metal that has very little benefit to you or would you rather pay RM435 monthly (or FREE even) and change your life? If you understood all about izumio, you would be making an instant decision with your eyes wide open.

Hydrogen uses

These facts alone can help us as consumers identify what is suitable and safe for us to consume when selecting from the wide range of products available today. The choices for HYDROGEN are numerous, from ionisers/electrolysis machines to tablets/sticks to pre-packaged Hydrogen enriched water. But are they all MOLECULAR HYDROGEN? Are they all at a SAFE pH to consume long term? When confronted with such choices, we consumers should be ready with our CHECKLIST and KNOWLEDGE so that we know what to look for. Or pay as blind bats only to regret later. Do not take the science of molecular hydrogen for granted. Learn all about izumio.

Are we happy with ionic Hydrogen and its associated pH levels or is it only natural molecular Hydrogen that we want to put into our body? Do we want a tablet or a stick that dissolves in water? Will that leave residue or contaminants? What is the REAL QUALITY of pre-packaged Hydrogen water? Is the packaging suitable (Aluminium doesn’t just mean Aluminium. There is very specific engineering that goes into the good packaging of quality MOLECULAR HYDROGEN water) or will I get a product that has lost Hydrogen? Ask these questions and research the answers as well. Don’t just take anyone’s word for granted. The science of molecular hydrogen can be understood. Keep reading, keep asking. And read up all your can all about Izumio.


These were the exact same questions I asked myself when I was first introduced to Izumio. I wanted to understand the science of molecular hydrogen. You need to verify your answers till you are satisfied. It is your entire family’s lives and health at stake. I had to arm myself with knowledge to know that these were the questions I had to ask. It was difficult and it was an effort. But it was worth it.



Their good health = family happiness. And indeed I am SO BLESSED to have that right now.

Less drugs, less doctors’ visits (what do you mean less? Practically none…), it just means more time spent together laughing and enjoying life’s greatest moments.

As a wife and mother, I have realised how much difference their good health has made in our lives as a family and it is something I would happily expend a hundred times over the effort if needed in order to maintain it. I am so glad I made the effort to learn all about Izumio and molecular hydrogen.

Ask me the same questions if you want to know more. WhatsApp me at 012-2333840 if you are serious about your family’s happiness. I will be more than happy to help. Please quote secret code FAT CHICK for a special something.

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