Air Asia to Bangkok

This was my very first time ever flying Air Asia to Bangkok. Never again!!! For all the love of Tony Fernandez, we boycotted Air Asia for awhile in the last 2 years due to various reasons yet we took it this time round because all the other airlines to Bangkok cost about RM4,000 per passenger. Like WTF? That is how much I paid to go to London not so long ago!

Last week, the Hubs was suggesting we fly Air Asia to Japan┬ábecause it is a direct flight to Chitose Airport instead of flying in to Japan Narita and staying the night like we previously did but after our Air Asia experience, and I must add, to be fair to Air Asia, it was not their flights that were bad at all but the airports they land at that just didn’t cut it. Although now everyone can fly, I choose to fly elsewhere. Call me an airport snob.

I will tell you why. At Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, as though it wasn’t bad enough that it was an old, musky airport where basics like air-conditioning didn’t even work, it was infested with people from China. Those PRC people really, truly get on my nerves like BIG TIME. They do not have manners, they cut queues, they push and shove, they spit, they dirty the toilets like they’re in China, and oh my goodness, they talk like they’re all deaf. Why must they SHOUT????!!!! They just drive me insane. Period. I am never taking Air Asia to Bangkok again.

To make matters worse, I had to queue with these PRC people for almost an hour to claim back my VAT from the shopping that we did in BKK and by the time I got to the front counter, they informed me that I couldn’t claim for the VAT because I hadn’t received the stamp from the customs officer. WTF???? You mean I had to spend all that time with PRC people and it was just a complete waste of my time??? I was PISSED. I tore up the VAT forms right in front of them and stomped off. OK…..I’m kind of getting a feeling where T2 gets her DIVA-ness from…….*chuckle*

Our holiday in Bangkok was so perfect….I shopped all day by myself, the kids had the time of their lives all day with their dog, we got to spend quality time with Uncle Ben and Aunty Nun who is now as big as a baby blue rhino and we got to eat several scoops of Swenson’s every single day (like really….) and of course, THAI FOOD. Authentic Thai Food. There is just nothing like eating areal Thai food with a real Thai person following you around, even if she resembles a rhino. An incredibly pretty rhino mind you. Aunty Nun had twins, or she had 2 sacs but one didn’t make it so she is left with one. Yet, I think maybe she was meant to have twins that she is so large. It is just one of those things. And if I am calling her a rhino, that only makes me her NON-PREGNANT sidekick, the hippo. Shame on me.

I spent all of 8 hours shopping all by myself in flats until my feet ached. Can you imagine if I was in anything else? It was a glorious day of shopping. Such little opportunity unless I am purchasing online which serves a very different experience altogether. I was busy sending pictures of handbags to my girlfriends and my husband asking which colour, which colour – LOL. The Hubs asked if I wanted to open a Chanel store.

We ate a lot at the hotel too because the kids were so boring and only wanted Western all the time, so they would eat at the hotel and then I would eat out. A fabulous trip with my girls. T2 fell in love with these Ever After High dolls and she got Season 5 Shopkins which we had spent days searching all over KL in every mall but could not find so she was well chuffed. T1 bought nothing. She is just NOT interested in wasting any money at all. She is just crazy sensible like that.

So I decided that I am going to start flying First Class. Booyah. That was Bangkok for me. I love creating memories. Bangkok Madonna. Bangkok First Class. Yup. Life is GREAT.

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