A full day – FULL

My Saturday began at 7am and I made the effort to get dressed up. I have not had any make up on for months but today, I felt like it. I was meeting some intelligent people (love them!) yet did not have to show off. I never have to show off. I think that when it comes to social status, the more rich you are, the lesser you need to show off. It is the wannabes that seem to have the need of showing off. The reason I bring this up is because conventionally, in my experience, when one is meeting a VIP, chances are it is expected that you dress in a certain manner or want to look your best. For example, if I were to have dinner with the prime minister of X country (let’s think USA or UK for more credibility), what would I wear? Me personally? I could wear shorts if I felt like shorts that day. No need to wear to impress. Unless it is out of respect and a dress code is requested.

Our meeting took place and 3 hours later, I was whisked off for lunch followed by an after birthday party hosted by the big extended Woo family that ended at 530pm. Later, I had to catch up on all the messages that I had missed all day and attend to some serious training with one of my team members and did some number crunching. Sometimes I ask myself, if one earned a 6 figure monthly salary, why would one even care anymore? And because I care, truth be told, I feel like vomiting blood sometimes. People stress me out immensely. It is not the lack of intelligence but the laziness that gets to me. If one is so lazy, then should one expect to earn a 5 figure salary let alone even sniff a 6 figure salary? To date, I do not know many people in my team who have worked as hard as I have. One person comes close but out of almost 2,000 people, nobody. Nobody has moved as many boxes as I have nor spent countless hours attending to Enquiries and the works. Which is rightfully then why I deserve to succeed more than others? Of course, everyone will succeed. Some just more deservingly. It really grinds my groat though when a lazy person has expectations. Saying it out loud as it is.

You know me. I am as vocal as vocal can get because I am fearless. If I think you look like a pug, I would tell you if you asked. If you were my friend and I thought you were sinking, I would slap you and wake you up. And if your husband were having an affair and I had evidence of it, I would get myself involved and show you the evidence too. Because THAT is what I would want people to do for me. Didn’t they say do unto others as you want them to do for you? I love criticism. It makes me a better person. Compliments are too cheap. I’m a tough woman. I know. It almost makes others fearful of approaching me but have faith in yourself that I do not bite. If you are hard working, or are sincere, I will always make time for you. Always.

Sometimes I wonder if I expect too much from others. I have a relatively high IQ of 146 and although I can be blur as hell and have a crap memory, I have my talents in certain areas. I get impatient easily with people who cannot think as quick and I do not understand why they are not getting it when it is so clear to me. I am not sure what to do with this problem. Have more patience? Learn to explain and teach in various ways? Have more training? What? I just feel it is laziness. If one works hard, surely one would understand? It is because one is not bothered that one is lost. Is it not? Be honest here. If you have done your homework, you would have asked the pertinent questions to understand whatever it is you needed to understand? I am just upset that my BFF is no longer able to support me and be my go to person. Thus I am ranting openly.

I lament to the Hubs and he is a tougher businessman than I am. I always feel and as much as I want to let go, I cannot. Whereas the Hubs would just say cut. I need to learn from him. Oh well, tomorrow will be a better day. I am seeing my Klang Gang. Woot!!!

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