Too many coincidences…..

So firstly, I am just NOT an MLM person. I am not a product peddler and really have no interest in doing such things. Never have been. But suddenly now I am an Entrepreneur. It is different. And I am bloody proud of it!! Most people don’t get it but I do. Most people shy away from such things because they’ve either had bad experiences or they just do not see how they can gain from this life saving business.

My Mom has been helping me prosper though, I know that for a fact. There has been just too many coincidences of luck pouring in with this business and I owe it to her. From me being a hermit at home and not one to keep in touch with anyone, people from left right and long ago are all contacting me for one reason or another. Even today, an Aunty contacts me from nowhere and it turns out that she knows my Mom. Same school in Taiping. Everyone around me seems to want to try Izumio and Super Lutein. How come my luck is so good???? It’s my Mom helping me!!! For sure!!!

And the beauty of it is I just share with everyone who contacts me. I haven’t even started to contact my own friends yet. I can barely cope with the enquiries that I get. The products sell themselves. The moment people try them, they know that they work. People should really try Izumio and Super Lutein. Let’s win this war against diseases. Younger folk should start taking them now so they prevent future diseases. Not many of them are diligent with their intake so best to just take Izumio and Super Lutein. Medical bills are just too much to bare and once you’re in that cycle, heck, even if you’re rich enough to afford the medical bills (or you get it free from insurance), your quality of life suffers and just goes on a downward spiral. I am so lucky that I get to heal before I see the end of it. Will you be so lucky? Every other person is suffering from cancer these days.

Damn you, cancer. But thank you, Mom in Heaven.

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