To speak or not to speak….


Because I run several Facebook groups and am active in all of them, I get a lot of PMs with regard to my postings and requests for ideas and help, or cheers for inspiring them, and very rarely the dreaded hate mail. And you know what? I actually respond to them wherever I can. If I can help, I will help. So now you know why I only manage 6 hours a sleep max daily. Sometimes still 4.

What irritated me today was women judging other women. You know, this world is full of people. You, me and everyone else. No one of us is above the other. We are all trying to do our best as Moms so when I see bullying happening (since I have myself suffered the wrath of bullying previously), I get extremely defensive. Whether a Mom is pro-breastfeeding or formula, vaccinates her kids or not, co-sleeps or not, potty trains or not, homeschools or kick their asses to school, we do not judge. Each and every one of us have our reasons on why we do what we do. How can you judge without knowing another person’s story? So when this Mom approached me on my post today, I completely empathised with her and took her under my wing. Let the bitches be bitches, I said. Bitches are bitches because they have so little that they need to find ways to knock others down so they can feel better about themselves. Leave them be.

In my youth, I would take on a gang to fight. And I would fight till I won. Unless I was in the wrong, then I would happily stand down. But now that I am where I am, I am more cool, calm and collected. All these small minds are just not worth my time.

Recently there was a big hoo-ha on one of the groups and there were lots of comments taking sides and it just reminded me of the drama I endured last year. Oh my. I felt sorry for the Admin of the group. Why can women just not learn to agree to disagree? Are some so shallow minded and stupid? Some of them open their mouths and filth comes out. It is embarrassing to the women race, for goodness sake! But instead of speaking up, I shared a song instead. I have had enough of bickering and back-biting and any negative energy from anyone. I have moved on to greater places. Alhamdullilah.

Now, even when people bitch about me; and oh, I just heard more bitching about me today! It doesn’t affect me at all. My heart just smiles. It’s so weird. Why shouldn’t I smile? I have done absolutely no wrong to anyone in this entire world. If someone is bitching about me, it is their reality, not mine. So please do not let what others say affect you, my dears……as long as you are clean, do good, help others, be kind, have happy thoughts only, not a single thing any other person says about you could bring you down. Nobody brings me down.


So you know what? These days I just keep my thoughts to myself. There are bigger things to worry about in my life. I am holding the hands of about a dozen cancer patients and my perspectives have changed. I spend my time praying for them and seeing them at their homes now because I know how my Mom suffered alone for 14 years in her cancer journey until I actually asked her to please just go…..

So to all of you women who have ‘friends’ who criticise or judge you, rise above it all and get over it. There are really more important things in the world than to feel slided by narrow minded women who have nothing else better to do with their lives. Hop on over to the good side and you will see how much love can really rock your world.

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