The Traveling Family


That’s what we are, the traveling family. My girls are so damn blessed!!!

T1 took her first flight at the tender age of 4 months to Langkawi beach. She also had her first swim there in a Hotel Penthouse jacuzzi. Soon after, she was jet setting to Australia sleeping on the flight bassinet at the age of 6 months and then to Hong Kong Disneyland and the Middle East, and then she flew FIRST CLASS to Melbourne when she was just 2!!! Bloody hell!!! At 2 I hadn’t even had my first plane ride!!!

She has travelled all around the world to all continents except Africa and South America (which we intend to do soon), and of course, the North and South pole. She’s well onto her 2nd or 3rd passport, I’m telling you. Lucky, lucky girl. T2 who came later hasn’t been to so many places but still has travelled to Thailand, Australia and all over Europe which is way more than many. Oh, and of course to Myanmar to visit our dearest Children of Myanmar. Previously she was too young to go to Myanmar as the trucks there would have offloaded her on a bump (no safety belts and holes everywhere for a child to fly out of a truck!) but last year, she made her maiden trip to visit the children whom we are so passionate about.

Why do we travel? Travel is education!!! Not just for kids but adults alike. If you really want to learn about yourself, by all means travel solo!!! We even pull our kids out of school to travel because we believe in traveling way more than school. In fact, last year they were off school for the entire year plus because we went traveling. And this year, we are pulling them out from school again (despite T1 being in Secondary School – yikes!) for a week or two because we are traveling again.

We don’t do the conventional touristy kind of traveling though. When we travel, we become part of the locals. The objective is to live like a local so we really learn and understand what other people in the world go through. How they live, how they think, how they love, how they eat, how they do things. There is no other way to open up your eyes to the world until you see how little children sleep on bare dirty floors filled with splinters and get wet from rain water because the roof leaks. And on the flip side, they get to experience 5 star luxury waking up to snow at their doorstep, butler service with limousine standards and amazing quality food fit for a King. It is all education. After seeing and experiencing so much richness, it makes the soul grow. You start having views on what you like, what you dislike, what you want to do and never do, and you start thinking about how you could contribute.

Traveling does not have to cost a lot. It could be based merely in our beautiful country, Malaysia. There is SO MUCH right here at our doorstep. And we do both, travel locally and abroad. Traveling should have no boundaries. It is about building friendships, enriching your recipe book, and adding to your life bank of memories.


This year I have mostly travelled without the kids in the first half as I have been busy building the business, but the second half would see us traveling much more. Speaking of which, I better get on with the planning!!! I am still SO PROUD of myself for organising such a FABULOUS 6 week holiday with kids in Europe. It seemed such a daunting task and took me months of research and sourcing, but I did it. There is no greater satisfaction as everything that could go right went right. The ONLY hiccup on my entire holiday was getting messages from a bunch of women bitching about others to which some I replied when I felt like it and the rest I kept for till I returned. Otherwise, it was the most perfect holiday ever. Even better than our one month stint in New York.

This year we will be traveling to 2 new cities and I cannot wait. If you have not thought about traveling more often, do it!!! Take the road less travelled and your kids would inherit such richness that you would never imagine possible.

Camping on a Malaysian beach

Living in the Malaysian Jungle

Fishing and the Kampung Experience

Flying Kites and Building Sand Banks

Building Homes from Jungle Finds

Nature Walks and Tree House Visits

Painting your Own Fabric – Learning the Art of Batik

So much to do in Malaysia alone, seriously. The list is too long.

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