The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson


I have started getting back into the habit of reading to T2 again after the longest hiatus and today we read The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson amongst a few other books. Bless my poor child. She has been so neglected all these years yet has turned out to be such a little trooper. I love her so much. Julia Donaldson has been one of our most favourite children’s authors of all time and it is Judy Blume and Julia Donaldson that inspire me to become a children’s author. One day, when I’m an old Granny, I will *grins*.

Firstly, it is a perfect girlie book because it is filled with sparkles and dazzling glitter!!! Every page can be touched for texture and looks pretty enough to eat. It’s such happy, rainbow filled book that comes alive even without a story. Kudos to Lydia Monks. I wonder what happened to Julia Donaldson’s old illustrator, Axel Scheffler. I remember once writing to him asking for permission to host a Gruffalo party and he kindly permitted copyright prints for the party to promote the event.

The Singing Mermaid is about duh, a singing mermaid who is blessed with such singing talent but one day is conned into the dark side by a stranger. How does she escape when she does not have legs to get her out from land back to sea?


The book teaches kids to not trust just anyone or end up in trouble just like the Singing Mermaid. It also teaches kids to treasure their good friends because it is loyal, good friends who eventually managed to save her; and new helpful friends too. Choose your friends wisely. Friends could turn out to be like the stranger too, not working towards your best interest and only want to use you. So always be careful and learn how to be sharp enough to make smart decisions when choosing who to trust.


T2 thoroughly enjoyed the Singing Mermaid and loves touching and feeling the book with all it’s textures and colourful, attractive illustrations. It’s not the cheapest book but well worth it I think!

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