The Mobile Worker

I am the mobile worker. People don’t believe me when I tell them that my job is actually just a communications job and all I do is communicate via WhatsApp and Messenger. Serious! The only time I go out to meet people is because my team members need me to meet their customers. I do all my business deals online and the beauty of that is I could work literally from home on my bed or anywhere I want in my home all day wearing anything I want too (like being naked!), OR move around about town with my lappie like today. I had to go to the bank to loan the Hubs some money (hahaha, guess I am richer now, huh?) because the credit card was at an all time high this month, even higher than when we went to Europe for 6 weeks!!! Stress or what? I went to 3 banks today because I had to transfer the money as the online facility did not allow such a big sum, then go to another bank to check on some ASB and ASD stuff, then finally to another bank to bank in T1’s savings from her pocket money. She gets RM75 per week every week and she saves a good portion of it. In fact when she gave me RM390 this morning, I asked her to calculate the total amount she has received so far since the beginning of the year and she went to check her calendar and told me it was RM1,700 plus. I then made her calculate mentally how many percent she had saved out of all the money given to her and what percentage was spent. She got it right, good girl. I cannot remember any of the Math I did at 10 but I do not think I was doing percentages but maybe we did, I cannot remember.

Being the mobile worker today led me to several banks for banking but I also sat in a few cafes and got to eavesdrop on other people because they spoke so loudly. The first was at San Francisco Coffee at Millennium where a couple who were colleagues were flirting BIG TIME. A local Chinese girl who had long black hair and a solid body in a cream dress with a black belt was laughing so hard, laughing and laughing, clearly enjoying her long lunch with her large Australian companion. He in turn was showing off discussing men who only looked for hot chicks but what was the point? Sometimes he sees a hot chick and the moment he starts communicating with her, she is the most boring thing ever and he feels like he is talking to a wall. That made her head swell. They had loads to talk about relationships and it was cute listening to their long lunch. There was a lot of laughs so I reckon he’d be able to get into her pants soon. Maybe. I’ll give her the benefit of doubt as I always do all women.

Later I continued my work at another Cafe whilst waiting for the girls to finish school, just because. There I sat beside 4 huge burly Scottish men I think they were. It was extremely interesting listening to what 4 adult men talk about, foreigners at that. They gossiped about women, yes, I kid you not. They did so too. They spoke about movies. They spoke about the restaurant menu and places they’d been in KL. I wasn’t listening to the entire conversations but those were the things I picked up on. I cannot believe 4 grown up men talked about other women!! Chis! So men DO talk about women……Please take not, girls. If you give yourself to a boy too early, he WILL be sharing that information with his best buddy. Only a select few don’t talk. Those who are extremely private.

It was a pleasant day overall. The only drawback about my day out was having to spend money. When you hang out at Cafes, that is expected. Next time I will just go to the local club instead where it is much cheaper to hang out and has WIFI too. It is fun being a mobile worker. I get to go anywhere, anytime with anyone. But mostly, I try to stay away from people because I love being alone. Less drama. I keep the simple people around me for daily whatsapp chats and that is about it. I don’t need much. I just mind my own business and get on with my work in helping people heal.

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