The Challenge of an MLM Business

Hear the dreaded 3 letters MLM and your antennas are on high alert. We all hate MLM businesses. Why? Because it all just sounds so bloody unprofessional and unethical. It usually comprises con men with con products and well, the majority of folks just push you at a far distance with a ten foot pole. And suddenly now I am leading my own business and it happens to be an MLM business – LOL!!! WTF!!!!

Actually, I am not doing anything different from when I was the Country Director for a British Engineering Services firm nor am I doing anything different to when I was the Country Manager for another British Serviced Offices Group located at the Petronas Twin Towers. Both jobs required me to meet tons of people, present, build and maintain relationships, DELIVER, close deals and implement, manage staff. I am doing exactly the same thing now except that I am working from home and in my own time with my own flexibility. I can earn as much or as little as I want and I am learning a heck of a lot about health, medicine and psychology. I kid you not.

In my previous jobs, managing people had always been the top challenge. It is motivating them, it is correcting them, playing push and pull with the right balance, it is rewarding them, sorting out office politics, you name it. People used to drive me bananas and potty but I just had to do it as it was my job. It was well and fine with the people I recruited myself but the ones who were already there with personality problems, I had to learn how to manage with great difficulty because you know how it is. In every office, there is bound to be some bad hats. And so now that I have my own business, I am trying very hard to control and maintain a certain quality standard in the people that join us. Not an easy task at all when the group is growing so fast. I guess I just have to practise damage control if it ever comes up.

It has always been my dream to elevate women because I feel they always shortchange themselves for whatever reason. This is the perfect medium for me to do so. In bringing women together to grow a successful business together, I am confident that they would be able to move out of their comfort zone at some point to achieve. It is especially hard when there is a stigma attached to an MLM business but all the more it is a mind set that one needs to get rid off that this is a real business. There is a real opportunity here. Do you want to get hung up about doing an MLM business? Or do you want to seize the opportunity to do the job required of you to move you closer towards your dreams? The choice is always yours. I know what I’ve chosen. I didn’t have much choice because I had to quit my job due to my health problems. Having 2 leaking heart valves just doesn’t cut it for a full time highly stressful job. My aorta might just explode. And because I have to take the Izumio and Super Lutein to heal and because it has served me so well thus far, it only makes sense for me to make an income from it to offset the cost of consumption. But that aside, I am really proud that I am doing this MLM business and would love to take on the challenge of changing the mind sets of the general population.

It’s just like this, if you really like that magnificently stunning pink dress but it is sold in a grotty part of town (although you have bodyguards to bring you there), would you forego the pink dress because of it’s location? Where else would you be able to make a large income in such a short time? I’m not saying it is easy but it could very well be. A little luck with some hard work (I work very hard on some days and don’t work at all on some days) will certainly get you there. Under my mentorship, and under Malaysia’s Number One Leader for the Izumio Business, I’d say you have a pretty good chance of succeeding if you want, MLM or not. MLM is just an excuse for people who are afraid of failure. You could be doing anything else and you would still fail. What people say and think of you matter.

Look at me? I have been torn to shreds, bitched about in the highest order (yes, believe it!), had lies spread about me, yet I am still here. Unfazed. At the end of the day, I have a purpose. For being in this life saving business, I know that every effort that I put in will bring only better things to someone else’s life sooner or later. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is truth. So MLM business or not, I think I’m making a smart move. The Japanese have offered it on a platter with such amazing incentives. It would be daft of me not to jump in.

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