TGV Family Cinema – FINALLY!


Last weekend, we attended TGV’s inaugural Family Cinema opening to watch The Avengers and had a fabulous time. What exactly is TGV’s Family Cinema? Finally, in Malaysia, we have a baby friendly kid friendly cinema where we can actually go watch a movie together with our little ones without worrying about them acting up or disturbing other cinema goers.

TGV’s Family Cinema allows the kids to talk and babies to cry. YES!!! They are allowed!!! And nobody will go “hush!!”

T2 was asking me questions at the cinema and for the first time ever, I did not have to tell her to “Shushhh….later.”

TGV’s Family Cinema also has the lights dimmed but not to a point where it’s pitched black and dark and scary, which scares many little ones. But here, it is only dimmed… much so that there were little toddlers walking up and down the stairs whilst the movie was going on. Hilarious! And oh, so cute. Children are allowed to move around in the entire cinema and scream and shout if they so wish. It is a good way for them to meet like minded friends, haha.

Another feature that the TGV’s Family Cinema has is a softer sound. You got it! Can you imagine? T2 for the longest time hated going to movies because not only was it dark and scary but the very loud surround sound freaked her out too. But thanks to TGV’s Family Cinema, we can all go as a family to watch a movie at a kid friendly showing. And do you know that they have a baby’s changing table too at the back within the cinema? I kid you not. T2 asked if we would be able to smell the baby’s poo then – LOL!! And no, we did not.

TGV’s Family Cinema offers families, especially those with little ones, an opportunity to enjoy a movie out without having to worry about babysitters and the kids too, will not have to suffer separation anxiety from being away from Mommy.

TGV’s Family Cinema will be held at 11am every weekend starting with TGV One Utama followed by the rest of their branches. Do contact TGV directly for their rollout status.

The BEST part of the TGV Family Cinema is of course, the price!!!

It will cost only RM7 PER ADULT and TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE for ALL KIDS!!!!

Isn’t that just awesome??? I think we will watch a TGV Movie every weekend from here on!!! Thank you, TGV.

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