Teddy Town Kajang

Teddy Town Kajang is not as far as it sounds and is only 15 minutes away from the girls’ school in Cheras. They actually belong to the Damansara Heights branch but due to a delay in renovations, we are stuck in Cheras till only a couple more years.

T2 went to Teddy Town Kajang with her schoolmates recently and I was wondering, what the heck is that? I’d never heard of it!! Apparently it was a place where you went to make Teddy Bears! Hmmm. I was curious. Because if you are a long time blog follower, you will know that my dearest departed Mama and her few elves had hand sewn over 200 tiny teddy bears for my wedding as wedding favours, all labeled with our guests names. What a freaking awesome feat. It was THE best thing ever. Plus Mom’s sewing was ever SO PERFECT. She was such a perfectionist and if let’s say I sewed one stitch out of place, she would unpick it and resew it to make it straight again. OCD or what???

Bless you, Mom. We miss you so much but know you’re always with us in every step of the way. Thank you.

So did T2 really make a teddy bear at Teddy Town? She did!!! They used a glue gun though which I quantify as cheating. When we made our teddy bears, we hand sewed them every step of the way. It was real love and sweat. But I’ll forgive them. It was for kids. A quick solution. Just zap Teddy’s limbs with some sticky stuff and join his parts together. Never mind if he looks like a toy alien.

If you’re interested in all things Teddy Bears, you could consider a trip to Teddy Town. Google it and I’m sure you will find the address on Facebook or something. T2 said she had a good time and she bought a Minnie Mouse keychain on her trip there. We were asked to put in some money so that the kids could have fun shopping at the Teddy Town store so I expected her to buy some teddy bear something (even chocolate!) but instead, she bought Minnie Mouse??? That’s a MOUSE, not a bear??? What the hell are they selling Minnie Mouse there anyway? Are they confused?

T2 did bring home a teddy bear though. It was one which she had made with her teacher helping with the glue gun, she said. And of course, it had to wear pink. And of course, it had to be a white bear. She’s so politically correct. Not.

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