T2 got an A!!!

Alhamdullilah. My little girl came home that day all excited that she’d gotten an A for her Mandarin paper, something that we totally did not expect. She had exams this last week and we did NOTHING for revision. The other papers aren’t back yet but we were expecting her to either fail all her papers or just get by with Cs or Ds (is D still a fail or pass?) and even prepared to put aside money for her to repeat the entire Reception Year! Well, it was only last week or something that she started reading a little more! So our expectations were very valid.

But when she came home excitedly telling me that she got an A, I asked her if she copied her friend. HAHAHAHA!!! I know. I am such a HORRIFIC Mother. She said no, she didn’t. Then I asked her if the teacher marked correctly? She couldn’t answer that of course. I asked her if her paper was really difficult or really easy? She said it was really easy!!! LOL!!! When I finally saw the 9 page paper, I thought shit. Even I couldn’t do the paper. OK. For all the fees that I pay, at least she’s learning something 😛

I feel so bad as a Mother because when T1 comes back telling me about her getting 92%, my immediate response is, “So what happened?”

OMG!!! LOL!!! Kill me please, somebody!!!

Why is it that we have zero expectation from T2 and so much expectation from T1??? It isn’t fair on my precious T1 at all!!!! But still I do it. It’s just that she is naturally bright and has excelled throughout and even now, I do not chase her to study because she already does it herself, yet 92% is not good enough for her Mama.

To be honest, of course it is good enough for me. I really don’t care so much what kind of results they get but I love teasing them. What is important is that they are well adjusted kids, happy as Heaven, have high levels of Emotional Quotient and can hold their own when I am not around. They should have enough skills to earn a living, live a purposeful life, and have the ability and resource to help others. Selfish gains are just not allowed in our vocabulary at home. So really, we can give all the As to everyone else and it will be OK. But my little monkey still got an A.

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  1. LOL!. When Ashley’s BM tutor got all her answers correct in her BM worksheet, I asked the tutor if she copied the answers. Little did I know that she did copy the answers!

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