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Last year, I had one of the worse experiences of my life because I had made some bad choices with people and many unfortunate series of events happened through absolutely no fault of mine. It really takes a crisis to very quickly show you who your allies are and who your enemies are. It was almost entertaining to an extent because people would come up to me to warn me about this person and that person, and everyone would be bitching about each other, and seriously, all I did was conveyed a message and BANG!!! Suddenly, the people who said those things all turned and became best of friends with these girls that they had bitched about because they were so guilty that I had let out their thoughts. I did not say it was them, but I guess they felt guilty anyway. To me, I didn’t even care. I was just fed up of the non-stop complaining of each other. Like get with the programme, women. We are here to elevate ourselves, not push each other into the ditch.

And then we have those who are too nice because they have an agenda. Oh, like I was born yesterday? When I say that it takes at least 5 years to assess a person, you are actually just touching the surface. A person can pretend to be your best friend for 5 years, and then say goodbye when the chips are no longer in your favour. Thank goodness, I am prepared for such things. Yet on the flip-side, I have met some of the loveliest, most sincere women, who really radiate love and a genuine aura; I’m not sure how but I can sense these women a mile away. They are so simple. They don’t have to buy me stuff, but they go out of their way to help me when I need help. Just simply amazing. So many of them. Thank you.

So many strange people in the world.

This morning, we had Banana Leaf rice at the new Raju’s with some new family friends and we had such a brilliant time. I thoroughly enjoyed my mutton Varuval and we laughed and laughed and laughed with this new family we’ve been destined to meet. Why? Heart patient similarities, children go to the same school, both have interests in Myanmar, both have lived in Bahrain. Like get real???? There were just too many coincidences!!! And they live 5 minutes away from us. They are Indians and we so clicked.

After that, I went about town in search for my Dutch Oven. I have been wanting to purchase a Le Creuset for some time now yet have been waiting for a good sale, or the right colour and size. Finally, friends convinced me that any old brand works just as well, so I went searching. And I could not find!!! Thus I think I’m destined to hearth my kitchen with my favourite colour of Le Creuset. Not quite sure which one that is yet. Pink? Green? Blue? Aqua? Such major life decisions. This would be perfect actually…..


I am now earning a tidy sum of money from my izumio business. Not a large sum but enough to go shopping with should I feel the urge. But honestly, I do not need anything. I was a bad girl though when I went to Singapore and ended up with a few pickups from Tory Burch. But that’s because I had freaking 5 hours at Changi!!!!! What the hell else would I have done??? I never knew Tory Burch leather shoes were so bloody comfortable too!!!! I kept telling the Hubs, at least I didn’t buy Ferragamo because I could not find them at Changi and by the time I did, it was too late. Hermes was out of my league. 1 Hermes bag is enough for half a lifetime. Dear Hubs, I hope you get it that I will be needing another in a few years time. I’m quite a simple girl, really.

Anyway, this is what I bought from Tory Burch. I couldn’t afford more. Ouch. Although the leather was so, so, soooooooo soft and I tried every pair of slipper, pumps and heels, and wanted to get the entire store; I settled for only these 2 pieces.

TB_11159791_659_A  TB_50008642_051

We received some bad news from the girls’ school that they wouldn’t be ready by this year. No real biggie since they are adjusting well at the big campus in Cheras and doing well, I just have to grit my teeth about driving to Cheras every Friday for another 6 months. Grrrr……

All my old friends and acquaintances who have been calling me up from out of the blue, have said they cannot believe how happy I sound these days. Err….I no longer have work stress, yes? Of course, I am happy!!! I am living my life with such excitement these days. Hey, I get to go for a holiday in the Maldives Islands next week. Club Med at that. Who wouldn’t be excited??? I am going with my girlfriends too. Wheeeee…….!!! Plus I have 2 Japan trips signed up. One for the Izumio and Super Lutein factory visits and another for skiing. Just why would I not be happy indeed? I have SO much to be thankful for. And I am trying to make Sydney this year as well. If not, it will definitely be Italy next year. THAT, I can guarantee. Hopefully, I can bring at least 10 girls from my team to Italy with me. Come on, girls. You can so do it!!!

club-med-kani (1)

So yeah, life has been good. I have been healthy without suffering any heart problems although I have joined the valve regurgitation and heart surgery support sites to prepare myself. I have been busy helping the sick and praying for them, and I have been having the craziest time with my two monkeys at home. I’m back to being a Stay-At-Home-Mom yet I am a Working Mom so to speak, so really, I’m not quite sure how one would define me, but who the fuck cares anyway.

In life, all you need to do is to do good, have a clean conscience and help as many people as you can.

PS: And I learnt all this from my legendary Mama, whose birthday is coming up and the girls have specifically asked for a Baskin Robbin ice-cream cake to celebrate Nana’s birthday. We truly miss you so much, Nana, but we know you are beside us at all times or life would not be this good. And as a friend once said, don’t believe everything you see because it may not be true. For example, I wrote recently about T1 doing a presentation and how she did not practise at all. That post made me sound like a super kiasu Mom, when in reality I could be the most laid back Mom. Another example, T1 asked me to do some homework (a song she had to assess for Geography and then ask her Mom to assess). I was so lazy that I just asked her to make up the part where her Mom was supposed to assess the song. Like, I am seriously THAT lazy……….OK, I hope her Geography teacher is not reading this now.

Mamapumpkin runs the Homeschooling Hub Malaysia on Facebook and helps others improve their lives with Izumio and Super Lutein.

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Who is Mamapumpkin?
Mamapumpkin spent 7 years in London committing crimes to gain her Bartlett BSc in Architecture. She spent 7 years as a Stay At Home Mom raising her children as documented in this Mamapumpkin blog since over 10 years ago and thereafter returned to the Corporate World stronger than ever. Her last job as Country Director of a British Railway Signalling organisation saw her getting ill with an aortal and mitral heart valve regurgitation and early stage cancer. Through her journey from working to not working to working again, she sets out to prove to all women that they can do anything and everything that they set out to do; as long as they have that fire of desire burning within and the drive to work hard. Even better with oodles of love, passion and integrity.

Despite being ill, she has grown a network marketing business from very little knowledge and experience in the otherwise infamously known MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry, racing from an income of ZERO to RM 100,000 monthly in merely 2 years. She is a firm believer of the MLM business model but realises the pitfalls too and understands how and why the majority of people would shy away (or zoom far away) from any MLM business.

She is now pondering the title of her new book, From Zero to 100,000 RM monthly in 2 years and has a sequel in the pipeline with the aim of helping real professionals succeed in the World of MLM. Always the giver, Mamapumpkin has supported orphans for over 30 years and has now extended her care to the sick, single mothers, and even struggling families. She believes that with the MLM business model, we can all have a life of our own desires to enable real contribution into the world.

A beautiful life without limits.

Mamapumpkin currently manages the Homeschooling Hub Malaysia on Facebook. She also runs Working Women Malaysia (not THAT kind of Working Women!), Mamapumpkin - Creating A Life of Abundance, and Funky Moms on Facebook to offer REAL support to all women who want career and life success. She is a living testimony that women really can have a lot. Being financially free has enabled her to travel the world anytime anywhere doing anything, and she spends most of her day to day with her children, reading and supporting other women.

For enquiries, please contact her at mamapumpkin at gmail dot com or WhatsApp her at +6012-2333840
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