Sports Day at School

Today is T1’s Sports Day Heats at school. She has been complaining over the last few weeks about being too hot, too dehydrated, muscle ache from running and tiredness from a combination of standing in the sun, running and being dehydrated. She said she ran and came out last. LOL!! I told her I was a school runner for the 100m and 200m and 4x100m and I always got the gold. My 100m time then was 15.8s. Talk about pressure, right? I LOVE pressuring my kids yet no matter how much pressure I put on them, they are not doing what I tell them to. Something must be wrong in my approach. Damn!

Actually, I think I only pressure T1 because she is so thick-skinned like me that it wouldn’t faze her. T2 on the other hand, I would never undermine her weakness in her reading level and in fact, when her first exam Bahasa Paper came back and it was a C, I cheered her on to tell her what a great job she’d done! She was completely oblivious and does not know the difference between getting and A or a C so when I told her she did great, her eyes lit up and she said, “Really? I did great?” She was so happy that I was happy and I hugged her tight to tell her just how much I loved her.

On the contrary, and unfairly so (but you know, they say that Mothers will give to the child who needs it most), whenever T1 comes home with a lower A (she’s a straight A student), I will be asking, “So what happened?” LOLOL!!!

OMG, I’m such a bad MOM.

In all honesty though, I have explained to T1 that the expectation is much greater from her because we see the potential. It is what it is and it does not mean that we love her any less. Not at all. In fact, if we had to choose between the two of them, I’d choose T1 to T2 anytime. LOL!! Nobody wants to take care of T2!! Until T2 catches up, of course. Even their English tutor last year agreed with me that with T1, it is so darn frustrating because there is so much potential yet she’s just cruising…..and with T2, whatever she does, it’s still great with us.

Moral of the story – if you show people how smart you are, they will have smart expectations of you. But if you remain dumb, they will not expect much of you. HAHAHAHA!!! My poor children.


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