Review of Annie, the musical

So it wasn’t their best but it was still very good. The schools’ annual productions are always very good. Actually, I would say they are always excellent but I would only be condemned for being biased despite the fact of being the most objective person on this side of town.

Considering the kids only had 2 whole months to rehearse and even that, just after starting the new school year, they have done amazingly well. These kids are super hard working and amazingly talented. Plus they had the youngest cast ever this year. The Annual Production is usually meant for secondary kids but this year, they had a host of primary kids!!! Just imagine the number of lines and vocal training that goes into the little ones schedule!!! Poor kids, I tell you!!!

But bless them, because even with fever and exhaustion, they did it. They put on an amazing performance. Well done, children indeed. I am so, so proud of them, the students, the teachers, and the school.

So what did I think of my favourite childhood movie being enacted on a real life stage?

First and foremost, I have always had the image of Annie with that red ball of curls but suddenly at the school’s musical, Annie had long black hair instead. Okayyyyyy, maybe they wanted to Malaysianise this Annie production. Why not? I can understand if other musicals have a black haired cast such as the West Side Story or Tarzan or Beauty and The Beast and so on, but Annie????? Annie is FAMOUS for having those red, blob of curls!!! OK, OK. We have a Malaysian Annie. *shuttup already*

The next thing that disappointed me was Annie’s casting herself. Although she was THE best singer probably in all of Malaysia (yes, really very likely. That girl can drag her voice for miles and she’s only 9), I didn’t think her acting was good enough. There were other little girls as supporting roles who could have done a much better Annie but I suppose they chose this one due to her strong vocals. I felt that it was more important to have some life in the main cast than to just have a powerful voice, and for me, that was the biggest disappointment. To be fair to her though, she was ill on that very night whilst she was performing so perhaps she was not giving it her all. It makes me wonder then, what actually happens to these stage plays when the main cast falls ill? What if they are so ill that they have to go to hospital? Are there no backups? Does this mean the show will need to be cancelled?

The rest of the musical was fantastic. As always. As what I always expect from the girls’ school. From the live orchestra to the vocal choir with all their actions and expressions (such a delight!), and the entire cast and crew. Absolutely wonderful.

Gosh, it’s been a longggggg time since I’ve been on stage for a play. If I am not mistaken, I played the main Princess in Shakespeare’s A Midsumer Night’s Dream and wore a pink satin gown. I cannot even remember the name of the person I played. LOL!

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