Procrastination is the thief of time

Procrastination is the thief of time

My Principal Mrs Bhupalan first wrote that on my report card. She was always pushing me to not waste time on boys but to use up my potential instead. Alas, I chose boys over my studies. Hehe. Why? Because I was starved of love and attention growing up. My parents were never there for me and I grew up with maids and my younger brothers. This is a lesson to ensure that my girls get lots of parental attention and guidance. Those days, I don’t think parents knew much how to give attention to kids anyway but mine weren’t even home. Most of my friends parents were home. I think being home is better than not being home. But many other factors come into play. For example, no point being home if all you do is abuse your kids! So yeah, I still think that being present in your child’s life is very important. It doesn’t matter if you have to work out at an office or be a Stay at Home Mom, the key is to be present in your child’s life. He must feel that he has FULL ACCESS to you ANYTIME, EVERY TIME.

Just to add, despite choosing boys over my studies, I still managed to do very well for my SPM and A-Levels (not that it meant shit) and got into a top University. I just flashed my boobs! Yeah, right. That’s what some people would like to think. Seriously. We will save the topic of jealousy for another day.

I’ve always been a procrastinator because I am just a lazy person. It is in my genes. Yet, I work best under pressure. Seriously!!! It’s been tried and tested SO MANY TIMES at all my work places. I can work magic when I am under pressure. But darn, when I am not (like now, since I am not working), I am just taking a long, long stroll in the park. I could be a millionaire next year. I know I can. But here I am just lepaking instead…..


Because there are things to be done. Even if you do not like doing the things that you need to do, such as laundry and cooking and ironing and tidying up the house, it has to be done, right? Like today, my goal (and it is a big one!!!) is to clear out my linen cupboard. Currently, I have no idea what is in there and whenever I need to find a bed sheet, I have no way of knowing if it is a Single or a King. So clever of us to get the same coloured sheets, eh? So once and for all, my goal is to finally get that cupboard sorted after about 10 years – LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Yes, I am laughing out loud to myself.

So you know, little niggly things like that are so easy to put off. They are at the bottom of your priority list. But if you never get to it, then what? We all have Task Lists that we need to accomplish but instead of only doing the money making objectives or whichever drives you (for some, it is gossiping), keep in mind too that the ones at the bottom of the list need to be completed or they should not be on your list in the first place. Even if you spend less time on it, that’s OK. But make sure you spend SOME time daily to do the unimportant things too. Just to get it OUT of the way. OUT of your task list.

So as I excuse myself now to go organise that blinking linen wardrobe of only 2 shelves (see? ONLY 2 SHELVES of bedsheets!!! It can be done in 15 minutes SURELY!!!) yet it has taken me YEARS to do it.

Oh crap. Do I really have to go organise that linen cupboard? This is much more fun. But…..but…..OK.

Over and out.

Linen cupboard here I come.

What ‘unimportant’ task will you achieve today?

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