Preventing Kids from Falling off their beds

Preventing kids from falling off their beds is something you really should look into if you loved your kids. Like yeah!!!


My 2 girls, they share a bedroom because that is all we have in our humble home – 2 bedrooms. And even if we had a mansion, I would insist that they shared a room. Why? Because I want them to bond. Because I want them to share. I want them to learn about give and take, compromise, taking turns, keeping secrets, respecting each other’s privacy. All this can be learned by sharing a room with another. I want them to have night chats before bed. I want them to be sisters forever, best friends forever. Despite the big age gap.

T1 was a bad sleeper. She always wanted Mama. At the age of 6 month, we managed to get her to sleep in her own cot but she always wanted my hand to sleep and for the next fucking 5 years, she needed my hand to go to sleep. Like the fuckkkkkk!!!!?!???? Now you know why they invented those fake hands for babies!!! Anyway, we loved her so much that we obliged with the hand every single night. That’s 365 x 5 days of her life with my hand. And when she turned 5 (which was when T2 was born), we told her no more hand.

She cried for 2 nights and then realised we were serious about not giving her the hand. Thereafter she would kiss us good night and go off to bed by herself. The Hubs and I, we had exactly the same thoughts on Day 3….why the FUCK did we not do this way earlier???

T2 on the other hand, she wanted the breast! Damn!!! I stopped breastfeeding her when she was 2+ and she was sooooooo sad. My God. She was so sad that I became so sad. But no means no and I persisted. Yet without the breast, she wanted to hold Mama. She was so afraid that I’d run away so she would hold any part of me to sleep. This continued for a further 5 years whereby we threatened that if her sister could self sleep at the age of 5, so could she. Well, she has just turned 6 and is finally an independent sleeper.

The funny thing though is that if we hadn’t thought about preventing kids from falling off their beds, T2 would have had a deformed head by now because she is such a wild sleeper and has fallen off her bed several times!!! We used to have those bed rails but she insisted she didn’t need it and refused to have it so we lined the entire floor with cushions instead and my goodness, the girl actually rolls of her bed and falls 2 feet down without waking up. We get a shock every time we enter their bedroom to find her lying on the floor. The Hubs would pick her up and place her gently back onto her bed.

The next morning we would tell her and she wouldn’t remember a thing! We show her the pics that we take of her as evidence that she was sleeping on the floor and she finds it HILARIOUS!!! Oh, my crazy T2 girl……

There are many ways preventing kids from falling off their beds such as:-

1. Install a bed rail

2. Line the floor with cushions like us

3. Make them sleep in a custom made large cot

4. Give them a larger bed and line the perimeter with pillows

5. Hire the fairies to snap them up as they fall

Preventing kids from falling off their beds is a wise move, peeps. Not unless you want a different shaped head for your kid. I know how some kids have weird shaped heads but you know, you should really love your kid just the way they are. All kids are perfect.

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