On Islam

Every afternoon when I wait for my girls to pick them up from school, there is the presence of this mosque peeping behind the trees as though it is calling out to me. Because my late Mother was a staunch Muslim, and because of my closeness to her, I gravitate towards Islam. Already at the age of 16, through my Mother, I knew that Islam was not what the rest had made it out to be. The haters, they just don’t have a clue and continue mocking the Muslims. Islam is gentle. It forgives.

I am drawn to the tudung women, not just the tudung women of course, but women who share the same religion and beliefs. The music of the Quran which I was forced to learn on impulse on the day my Mother left us, is soothing to the soul. The majestic architecture of mosques resonates with me being a non-practising architect. I believe in everything they believe in, and my most beautiful experiences were with Muslims. Even at my Mother’s death bed. The nicest people I know are Muslims. The ones I know, from the Homeschooling community and elsewhere, and I am so blessed for that, have the purest of hearts.

With the world so divided in hatred and anger, my wish is for my children to embrace all religion with full respect and consideration; to do good at all times, to have a sincere heart and be the light that will shine, to diffuse any darkness whose shadows may fall along their paths. La Ilaha Ilallah…..

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